27 January 2021


Three dark Porcelanosa kitchens that shine in their own right

Sober colours such as black, grey and navy blue offer endless decorative possibilities, lending a refined image to spaces and adding a sense of depth to each zone.

Dark shades such as black, anthracite grey and navy blue have gone beyond their status of being used in more secluded areas of the home (bathrooms and hallways) and are now an in-demand choice for cutting-edge kitchens and bedrooms.

Offering boundless colour combinations and adding a sense of simplicity to a space, dark kitchen furnishings, granite worktops and taps in a black finish or integrated household appliances are some of the options we at PORCELANOSA Group suggest for adding a contemporary feel to your kitchen design.

The elegance of dark kitchens

A dark kitchen doesn't have to mean all black. You might even want to intersperse darker pieces with lighter alternatives, as seen in this E7 Roble Negro kitchen by Gamadecor.

The main structure blends functionality and aesthetics with clean lines and a design that seeks harmony through the use of wood and the XTONE Liem Grey sintered mineral compact by Urbatek. The material gives stunning form to the infinite worktop that functions as a table and cooking space. Including the hobs in this zone, and the interplay between the browns and blacks incorporated into the design will give the kitchen a great sense of depth and brightness in homes in an open-plan, separation-free style.

The value of wood

A dark wood kitchen is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a timeless, infinite space. An example is the Emotions E9.30 XTONE Liem Dark Silk + E7.90 Roble Cuero kitchen.

Liem Dark


This sober tobacco grey marble is uniquely versatile with its criss-crossing fine branched veins.

A modern and functional option, with an abundance of space for storing dishes and kitchen utensils. Amongst its numerous stand out features are the XTONE Liem Dark Silk porcelain tiles by Urbatek, as well as the Roble Cuero veneer.

With an integrated sink, backlit shelving and concealed extractor hood, this kitchen reformulates the traditional use of the space, inviting you to enjoy every meal in company.

The Wabi E 9.30 XTONE Savage Dark Nature + E7 Roble Cuero kitchen is a further addition to the group. Suspended in the air and wall-mounted, with a single leg for support in Cien Sable finish, the XTONE Savage Dark Nature finish, inspired by black Marquina marble, adds a sense of elegance to each zone.

Savage Dark


Dark grey colour with a predominance of tobacco tones, and grey and white irregular veins in branch-like forms.

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