5 February 2021


Porcelanosa's coolest dark interiors

Darker flooring and wall tiles give a more sober, broader feel to a space.

Shades like black and grey are becoming increasingly common in interior design. Opting for dark colours makes spaces such as living rooms, bathrooms and kitchens feel more restrained and elegant, and they can be combined with natural or ceramic wood flooring, relief wall tiles, wrought iron pendant lighting and Chesterfield style armchairs.

At PORCELANOSA Group we've put together a selection of the most striking dark floor tiles from our catalogue to fill you with inspiration for this new trend.



Bottega Antracita, the elegance of concrete

With an industrial feel and a concrete texture, this rectified porcelain stoneware flooring is available in four shades: Acero, White, Caliza and Antracita. What's more, the larger format (HIGHKER®) is perfect for creating broader, limitless spaces in formats 120 cm x 120 cm; 59.6 cm x 180 cm; 80 cm x 80 cm and 59.6 cm x 59.6 cm.  This latter size is available in a highly resistant THICKER version measuring 2 centimetres thick, making it suitable for paving outdoor terraces and gardens.

Because the floor tiles are darker, they work well with grey upholstered sofas, marble tables and curtains in translucent fabrics.

Highker Bottega Antracita 120 cm x 120 cm

River Stone, the versatility of slate

River Antracita ceramic tiles, 59.6 cm x 120 cm Porcelanosa

River, available in shades Silver and Stone, will make spaces brighter and safer.

The tiles stand out for their unnoticeable joints and striking veins, and can be used to achieve limitless zones with matt and textured finishes. Available in 59.6 cm x 120 cm format, the collection reproduces the greyish veins of slate, and this restrained aesthetic will add richness to spaces and make every inch unique.


59.6 cm x 120 cm

Karachi and industrial interior design

Highker Karachi Grey 120 cm x 120 cm Porcelanosa-1

Karachi will add a sense of breadth to spaces, especially when combined with Karachi Grey and Steel wall tiles in 59.6 cm x 150 cm format. 

Drawing from natural stone, this floor tile in 120 cm x 120 cm, 59.6 cm x 180 cm, 80 cm x 80 cm and 59.6 cm x 59.6 cm format features irregular grey and white veins that twist and turn, giving spaces a more natural feel with matt and textured finishes.



120 cm x 120 cm

Magma Black, all black

This ceramic tile collection reproduces the brightness and veins of black Marquina marble, and is available in a square format measuring 80 cm x 80 cm or 59.6 cm x 59.6 cm with a matt finish. Magma Black can be combined with Magma Black and Infinito Magma Black wall tiles, in 33.3 cm x 100 cm format, creating a sense of continuity between interior and exterior spaces. The restrained nature of the collection lends itself well to white sofas, gold nesting tables or black lamps with geometric bases.

Magma Black 80 × 80 cm + 33.3 × 100 cm + Lines Magma 33.3 ×100 cm + Infinito Rivoli 33.3 × 100 cm

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