January 31, 2022


Fireplaces: for warmth and design

Porcelanosa ceramic tiles, natural stone mosaics and XTONE® tiles lend strength and sophistication to the home.

Fireplaces have become a key decorative feature in the contemporary living room. And it’s not just about the heat. They also breathe elegance, made with materials such as steel, copper, wood and ceramics.

To make your fireplace your own and add a more modern feel, you could clad your fireplace surround in polished ceramic tiles, natural stone mosaics or the sintered mineral compact XTONE®, offering both impeccable aesthetics and strength, guaranteeing the structure will last well. Next let’s take a look at some interior design tips you can use to make your home into a designer haven.

Natural stone fireplaces

Using natural stone on façades, walls and fireplaces is becoming an increasingly popular choice. Why? It lends strength, sophistication and warmth to spaces. Stone mosaics by L’Antic Colonial feature a 3D design, refined finish and elegant veins that make for stunning fireplaces: a strong and versatile option with excellent adhesion. The brand’s Elite and Athena collections will suit any project, turning the fireplace surround into a sculptural piece, with textured reliefs that have a striking sense of movement.

Fireplaces inspired by wood and marble

Wall-mounted fireplaces that open out to the living room are becoming increasingly popular in modern homes thanks to their space-saving credentials.

They can be installed in the centre of the room, to the side, built into a column or double-sided, and can be installed alongside wood-look ceramic tiles (Vancouver Brown by PAR-KER®), natural marble from L’Antic Colonial or the Ars Beige and Calacatta Green collections from XTONE®. The sintered mineral compact replicates the sheen and texture of marble, and because it’s non-porous, easy to clean and hygienic (it doesn’t release volatile organic compounds, and prevents the accumulation of bacteria) your fireplace will stay in great shape for longer. Featuring distinct grey and green veins and an impressionist design, these large format XTONE® sheets are ideal for made-to-measure designs and will transform any wall into a work of art. If you want to make your fireplace more resistant, and unaffected by changes in temperature or intense heat, use Super-Flex S2 adhesive by Butech.

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