December 24, 2019


Tips for designing cosy rooms with PORCELANOSA Group collections

Starwood wood-inspired ceramic tiles in addition to pieces inspired by natural stone are two options for creating welcoming and intimate rooms.

The wall and floor tiles designed by Porcelanosa redefine the use of building materials, turning them into a decorative element in the home.

Living rooms are where a large part of the activity takes place in a home. Whether they’re used as workspaces or a place for social gatherings, the interior design and the decorative elements incorporated throughout the space can influence the user’s state of mind.

To create welcoming spaces where comfort is a matter of fact, Porcelanosa offers a series of key elements from its most exclusive collections for designing the perfect living room.

Below, we lay out the different design possibilities:

1. Functional and practical living rooms

When designing a practical and accessible living room, the materials need to simplify the life of the user and offer greater strength, low maintenance and easy cleaning. Starwood, the ceramic tiles inspired by walnut and oak wood, is one of the PORCELANOSA Group collections that meets these requirements. The Tanzania or Vancouver series are the perfect example, as they reproduce the grain, knots and textures of natural wood and combine the technical properties of ceramics.

If you want to include a more artisan touch, the options include the natural stones and natural woods of L’Antic Colonial. The careful selection process of each of the two options complies with all international regulations. In addition, our quality control systems guarantee the quality and sustainability of each series, as Porcelanosa only uses woods from managed forest areas, where many more trees are grown than are cut down.

Cosy living room ideas

2. Neutral and comfortable living rooms

Natural stone tiles, large-format ceramic tiles like HIGHKER by Porcelanosa or the XTONE compact by Urbatek are examples of materials for laying in living rooms that call for neutrality and superior comfort. We recommend using white, black, grey or sand tones.

One such collection is Metropolitan Nature Anthracite by Venis, designed for use on floors or walls. Its soft, granulated appearance helps to balance the elements of the living room while increasing its brightness.

consejos salones acojedores

3. Warm living rooms with ceramic parquet

The Delaware and Ascot collections by PAR-KER are two of the foremost concepts for turning a living room into a sanctuary where users can disconnect from it all. The warm pieces are designed to match the colours and grain of natural wood yet feature the benefits of ceramics: Resistance to high temperatures, fire and continuous wear, low maintenance and non-slip surface (nanotechnology).

Cosy living room ideas

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