Allies of the endurance and comfort

Comfortable and relaxing contract spaces that do not forego either resistance or durability.
decoration contract
January 17, 2018

Contract trends: materials for projects with personality

No matter what the nature of the project is, these kinds of contract spaces are aimed at showcasing the pieces on display and creating an atmosphere which inspires, attracts and enhances the philosophy and values of the company.   

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January 18, 2022

Tangram: An Asian-inspired 'superblock' in Queens

Loaded with oriental restaurants, hotels, shopping centres, theatres, gyms and premium homes, this commercial mega-project from studio Margulies Hoelzli incorporates collections by PORCELANOSA Group. Designed as a type of compact city complete with hotels, gyms, theatres, cinemas, restaurants, Asian gardens and premium homes, Tangram superblock is one of the most ambitious architectural projects [...]

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