October 28, 2015 | Updated: October 26, 2018


Connecting practical storage spaces with the Emotions columns and open shelving

The liking for minimalism in interior design leads to an increasing search for the spaces interconnection in the home. It is in that maelstrom of searching spaces focused on a single atmosphere, such as kitchens and lounges, where the Emotions columns and open shelving play a very important role. It is a selection of kitchen furniture which is included in the PORCELANOSA Group firm’s catalogue, Gamadecor.

Working as a subtle element separating atmospheres, the columns and open shelving from the Emotions collection turn out to be very useful, since they are bound to practicality and they enlarge the storage capacity. Furthermore, they are highly versatile, thus, they can be installed in multiple ways and in different compositions. Therefore, they can be easily varied over their entire life-cycle.

We are dealing with a fully modular structure, which, on one hand, consists of extruded aluminium profiles available in different heights and depths, and on the other hand, it also consists of shelves with different widths. If requested, it is also possible to add side and back panels as well as display case doors, either on one side or on both sides.

With regard to finishes, one can opt for profiles according to two features: Negro Cien Sable or Blanco. As far as shelves and panels are concerned, they are available in e1 laminate finish; e4 and e5 lacquered, matt and gloss; or e6 wood veneers. On the other hand, the display case doors are available in transparent finish or in a sophisticated bronze colour.

It is a Gamadecor design which is fully open to customisation, even with the possibility of including lighting on the shelves. It is certainly a very useful and at the same time elegant option, which aims to separate spaces and decorate corners, either in the kitchen or in the lounge.

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