April 9, 2020 | Updated: April 14, 2020


Confinement and Butech terraces

With half the world’s population confined to the home, the PORCELANOSA Group proposes a range of solutions to make the most of the space available to us. 

Raised access flooring for exteriors and PORCELANOSA’s large format ceramic collections make rooms look larger and give an increased sense of freedom.

The arrival of COVID-19 has meant that, for many of us, our only contact with the outside world is from balconies and terraces. Butech, part of the PORCELANOSA Group, has some really innovative solutions which you could consider incorporating in a redesign of these spaces, as a first step towards returning to normality.

Connect inside and outside with the same design

These solutions include raised access flooring for exteriors (STEx), connecting the interior of the home to the exterior and giving a feeling of space and airiness.

As much of our lives now takes place at home and going out for fresh air is limited to a stroll on the terrace or the roof, this type of flooring not only allows you to have a feeling of freedom, but also to respect the health authorities’ social distancing recommendations.

SIL 18

Photo: Adrián Mora Maroto (PORCELANOSA Group Projects: A ‘slow deco’ house nestled in the heart of Valencia’s Huerta) 

STEx hides building elements such as drains or electrical systems and can provide a totally flat surface without any slopes. Unlike materials that are stuck to a support, this type of flooring protects the tiles more effectively against the tension created by the support, preventing breakage and providing cleaner joints. It is also compatible with all PORCELANOSA Group non-slip flooring and is especially suitable for large-format premium ceramic collections, such as Highker™ and Xtone™.


Photo: Adrián Mora Maroto (PORCELANOSA Group Projects: A ‘slow deco’ house nestled in the heart of Valencia’s Huerta) 

This type of highly resistant flooring is ideal for confinement, as it allows you to engage in any type of activity (gym, yoga or family games) without wear and tear spoiling its look.

On the other hand, if you want to create a more natural, warmer terrace, we recommend the Starwood ceramic wood collections or PORCELANOSA’s Par-kerceramic parquet.

balcones y terrazas butech 4

Photo: Eva Pérez Valero (PORCELANOSA Group Projects: Calaiaia, an avant-garde villa nestled in the heart of Valencia’s Huerta) 

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