3 August 2022


Décor tips for combining different floors

Mixing different shades and textures in floor tiles will give a more original and dynamic touch to each design

The floor defines any construction or renovation project and is a key element in interior design. The choice of material, colour or finish will give one sense or another to a space according to its intended use.
It is increasingly common in today's design to combine natural textures and neutral colours using wood, stones or ceramics to create dynamic spaces. The following article explains how to go about doing so.

Textures and colours to design dynamic environments

Setting the boundaries of a room can be made easy through the use of doors or by mixing different floor tiles. This decorative technique — also used to achieve a "carpet effect" — allows two or more areas to be set apart in the same room.

This line includes a Craft hydraulic ceramic mix, as well as Palace, Crown, Butterfly and Grey with the natural stone model Aston Classico, all by L'Antic Colonial. By merging textures such as stone and cement, spaces become more harmonious and can be complemented with organic decorative elements.

Wood and ceramic, the perfect combination

Wood can serve as a base material when designing a space. Due to its strength and warmth, this material can be complemented with ceramic, glass or aluminium in main or side rooms (dressing rooms and corridors). The combination of Harlem Steel 120 cm x 120 cm by STON-KER ® and Delaware Nogal 29.4 cm x 180 cm by PAR-KER ®, both from Porcelanosa, is another great option when used indoors to join two seemingly different rooms.

To enhance the design of the pieces, including decorative profiles will give a distinctive touch to each piece in its coloured finish. The Texture collection by Butech is characterised by its colour and surface that stands up to foot traffic. This type of profile, which sits at the same level as the floor, is used to mark the transition between floor tiles of different materials.

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