April 1, 2021


'Column' from L'AC, a classic washbasin for modern bathrooms

This new bathroom collection allows customised design in wood and stone with its eight configurable modules.

Inspired by the Doric columns of Ancient Greece and enriching its design with bare and symmetrical lines, the Column washbasins from L'AC are poised to become an icon of design.

This collection in marble, created by the PORCELANOSA Group company, together with the Yonoh Studio team, allows for multiple combinations thanks to its eight customisable modules.

A custom sculpted washbasin

L'AC adapts to the needs of each project with a Column in which the user can choose different finishes (stone and wood) and mirror formats, whose metallic structure incorporates a small shelf made from natural wood.

Designed with various formats of 80 cm, 100 cm, 160 cm and 180 cm in width, this monolithic collection consists of a unit with a washbasin and a natural stone countertop. This piece can be designed in white (Neve di Carrara and Persian White) and dark (Habana Dark) tones. There is also the possibility of both elements being made with the same material or a combination of two of them.

Among the available wood for the unit, four types of oak and walnut models stand out: Oak White, Oak Alba, Oak Noche or Walnut Seda.

This unit adapts to different projects and spaces with high-quality and beautiful materials, which, combined with their multiple possibilities, create an exclusive and sophisticated collection for the bathroom.

Visit the 'Column' configurator

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