March 14, 2022 | Updated: 25 March 2022


Noken's functional and colourful bathrooms

The PORCELANOSA Group brand is expanding its Finish Studio finishes and tones, adding new functions to its meticulously-designed Wellness range, and improving on its touchless technology with electronic sensor taps and dispensers.

Comfort made design. This is the maxim PORCELANOSA Group brand Noken has followed with each of its new collections, where the concepts of sustainability and innovation take centre stage.

Adaptable furnishings and vivid colours for the bathroom

This union between wellbeing and efficiency runs through Forma bathroom furnishings, in vivid shades ranging from red Merlot to green Forest or beige Almond.

The updated look stands out for its curved, adaptable forms, soft feel, anti-fingerprint properties, easy cleaning and extensive storage capacity. Plus, Forma offers a countertop with ProjectTech technology for added versatility and resistance. Also included in the range are taps fitted with flow limiters to promote more responsible water consumption (Noken Eco Flow system) and a cold-start system (Noken Eco Start).

The brand is also promoting its signature taps. The exclusive Lounge collection by Italian architect Simone Micheli is a particular highlight. The curved lines and hand-crafted coating will add a sophisticated edge to bathrooms with new pieces including units in Forest finish (plus Night Blue) and the rimless toilet system.

Lounge has also been updated with new taps and baths. In terms of taps, brushed titanium and brushed copper hues have been introduced, lending more of an Art Deco feel to the Mediterranean design. In baths, new textures include micro-cement and maple wood (Finish Studio aesthetics). The same runs through the wall-mounted washbasins, representing the perfect blend of functionality and elegance in every format.

Vivid and pastel colours are yet another bathroom décor proposal. Noken offers its take on the trend with the addition of nine additional shades to its Essence C Compact toilets, including flamingo pink and crocodile green, which work well contrasted with neutral tones like white or grey. "Pastel colours transport us to endless summers, brightening up spaces with a naif twist. The energy and vitality of green finish connects us with nature's most primitive side. These qualities are suited to Feng Shui interiors, where order and light take priority" explains a Noken representative.

Copper and gold hues are also trending this season. Examples include Lignage taps by Ramón Esteve (2019 iF Design Award) and Round. Both now come in a brushed gold finish, elevating elegance to the next level.

Technology at the service of health

Noken is also bolstering its Wellness bathroom concept with sensory designs promoting relaxation and body care. Noken Energy shower heads offer precisely these benefits and come with a silent micro-droplets treatment; and Seasons overhead showers have rain and waterfall settings and adjustable jets.

Touchless taps by Noken are activated by electronic sensors, promoting health as well as aesthetics - ideal for public spaces and large commercial premises.

The brand is always on the lookout for technological innovations and integrated solutions, which is why it's stepped up its R&D&i programme to design comprehensive, intuitive and healthy fixtures and fittings. Its touchless soap taps and dispensers (Round collection), electronic bins and touch flush panels for toilets are fine examples. "All I-Smart products provide a response to the challenges we're facing today - with the technology of tomorrow - with user comfort front and centre. We're also continuing to make progress in sustainability and digitalisation at Noken. It's our way of improving people's quality of life, using a circular and responsible consumption model to optimise natural resources", states a Noken representative.

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