March 28, 2023


Fiji: a new take on the rustic tile concept

Introducing a ceramic collection inspired by the seabed, by L’Antic Colonial

We’re seeing a move away from the purist approach to décor trends. This shift represents a move towards more eclectic interiors, with spaces borrowing elements from different styles.

With this in mind, L’Antic Colonial – a PORCELANOSA Group brand specialising in natural materials – has launched Fiji. Inspired by the seabed, the vintage-look tile collection features a potent colour palette and magnetic visual appeal: an aesthetic ready to make waves in more traditional rustic interior styles.

Inspired by the seabed

The variegated and gradient tones of Fiji reproduce the unique detailing of the seabed. A bold and eye-catching ceramic collection that captures the essence of the seas and oceans to perfection. Seven shades and a winning colour palette ranging from bright white or turquoise to darker hues like grey or blue. Achieve harmonious results with the acid, saturated colours that will complement the rustic ambience of any room. An original look, laden with personality, that still maintains that coveted natural essence.

Each of the seven finishes in the L’Antic Colonial series is made up of more than 50 base tiles: Blue, Green, Grey, Ocher, Silver, Turquoise and White, each with an exclusive grained appearance to lend them natural shine and exquisite texture. This gives the wall tiles a sense of dynamism, making them incredibly tactile. These are tiles that stimulate all the senses, with varied graphics that fill spaces with impressive optical effects.

Fiji is available in two formats (10 cm x 20 cm and 20 cm x 20 cm) that work perfectly together. The varied tones give every interior wall or shower its own distinct personality, creating a play on visuals that gives your room a sense of identity.

Rustic bathrooms with metro tiles

Inspired by (and named after) the tiles covering the walls of the first underground stations of the early twentieth century, metro tiles are an enduring décor classic that never goes out of style. Recreate the style with 10 cm x 20 cm tiles from the Fiji collection and create a rustic bathroom with vintage notes.

Use 20 cm x 20 cm tiles to complete the look, combining different colours or even swapping the traditional horizontal orientation. These are all ways you can update the interior style to your own taste.

Colour as a guiding thread

You can completely change the feel of the vintage metro tiles you use in neutral tones in the bathroom by using them in other rooms in stronger colours with more pronounced finishes (grey or gold). By placing colour centre stage, you’re guaranteed to create sophisticated and elegant room schemes. And when you’re installing the tiles, you can play around with the orientation too. Zigzag, stepped, herringbone style, or one wall in horizontal and another vertical. These varied options will create a wonderful sense of movement, breathing new life into a style that’s more alive than ever – even after over 100 years.

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