May 3, 2022


Vsb Wine Cellar, a cocktail bar in Mexico that is also an art gallery

The Studio NA interior design studio has designed this wine bar by refreshing the classic concept of a wine cellar with PORCELANOSA collections.

Walking through the doors of VSB Wine Cellar (Arandas, Jalisco, Mexico) is like stepping into a New York cocktail bar, complete with a blend of organic and industrial design thanks to the use of wood, aged copper, wrought iron and PAR-KER® ceramic parquet flooring from PORCELANOSA as the main materials.

Signature cocktails in an artistic wine cellar

Designed by Studio NA as an "art wine cellar", its elongated central marble bar serves a dual function: It is a space for tasting signature cocktails and at the same time, a dividing element that differentiates the two main levels (public and private), giving them a certain air of old craft distillery.

Separated from each other, but connected by Porcelanosa's PAR-KER® ceramic wood, both areas (the display area and the wine tasting area) combine colonial style elements with more avant-garde ones by means of Bahaus furniture that highlights the personality of each piece.

Special attention should be paid to high steel and wooden stools (reminiscent of those in an old mechanic's garage) and the orange spherical lamps, which balance the yellowish lights on the walls and turn each shelf into a display corner where bottles and exclusive liquors are seen as collector's items.

The full report is available in issue 39 of Lifestyle magazine.

See it in Projects Porcelanosa.

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