September 17, 2021


An allergy clinic, Egyptian style

Allergo Clinic medical centre in Kazakhstan features an interior design brimming with natural stone, bas-reliefs with scenes from ancient Egypt, gold accents and ceramic floor tiles by PORCELANOSA.

Taking in the interior design of Allergo clinic in Kazakhstan (Central Asia) is like taking a step back in time to ancient Egypt. Designed by Khabirova Zhanna using premium collections by PORCELANOSA Group, the rooms in this allergy centre combined state-of-the-art medical technology with natural stone, velvety and geometric textiles, hieroglyphics murals and neutral tones.

From ancient Egypt to modern Kazakhstan

Centred on gold and beige hues, the shared and private rooms feature the Newport collection in Beige and Natural by Porcelanosa as flooring and wall tiles throughout. The tiles make for strikingly bright walls, with Pro-Part Li Gold profiles by Butech which enhance the Egyptian aesthetic, blending the images of palaces and pyramids with the clinic's corporate identity.

The clinic has been decorated with a nod to these first allergy studies in Egyptian temples of old. Bas-reliefs showing domestic scenes from Egypt's pharaonic period, onyx panels and sheets in KRION® Lux predominate. This mineral compact gives shape to the surfaces and benefits from a bacteriostatic composition, almost zero porosity and excellent resistance, making every room sterile.

The neutral colour palette contrasts beautifully with the brighter shades that predominate in the bathrooms, designed with collections by Noken and bespoke premium furnishings that reflect the exclusivity of their medical services.

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Interior design: Khabirova Zhanna

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