December 9, 2021


A Madrid apartment that successfully blends the classic and modern with Porcelanosa

The interior design scheme incorporates hardwood, velvety textiles and Nordic furniture that coexist harmoniously with the original architectural features.

This neoclassical Madrid property built in the early 20th century has been fully refurbished with collections by PORCELANOSA, resulting in a modern loft with a distinctly eclectic style.

Wood interiors with natural fabrics

Inside the apartment, natural wood by L'Antic Colonial is interspersed with Nordic furniture and textiles to create uninterrupted, open-plan spaces and a sense of space. The open-plan Emotions Roble Alba kitchen by Gamadecor with XTONE® worktops and fronts and titanium taps by Noken is integrated into the living room with the introduction of the high, monolithic breakfast bar (also made in the compact). This is in turn framed by three vintage-style velvet chairs and the original iron beam.

The varied colour palette of browns, greys, whites and beiges extends throughout the home, especially in the kitchen/living room and corridor areas. There, the Fitwall® Rolling White Sand decorative panel by KRION® has been used to clad the main walls, with a soft texture and relief that lends a sense of dynamism to the space.

Warm and modern bathrooms

The same sandy tones also predominate in the master bathroom, with the Ars Beige Nature marble-look sintered mineral compact by XTONE® covering the walls and giving the room a more natural look. Here, the ceramic wood - Ewood Camel Nature by XTONE® - contrasts with the furniture, Liem Nogal mirror, and copper Finish Studio taps by Foster+Partners.

The second bathroom features a monochrome black and white design, with white walls and black floor tiles such as Nox Corten Nature by XLIGHT, inspired by the texture and sheen of slate. In terms of fixtures and features, highlights include the Gamadecor units and Finish Studio elements in matt black, including Round taps by Noken and an Acro compact wall-mounted toilet, also from the firm.

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