14 September 2022

Wall tiles

How to clad the walls of a terrace in a home

Exteriors can be decorated in a variety of styles using an attractive and comfortable design

The outdoor areas of a home are an extension of the interior of the house, so they should have a similar style. Depending on the choice of the material for cladding the walls, it will offer a more relaxed or festive atmosphere.

Views of the city, nature as far as the eye can see, or waking up every morning to sea views... every outdoor space deserves special interior design to make the most of it. PORCELANOSA Group has made a selection of the most suitable wall cladding for terraces.

Nature and style

One of the most popular materials for cladding the walls of a terrace is wood. An original and harmonious proposal that connects with the most natural environments, such as the PAR-KER® Vancouver Nude piece. The combination of decorative walls and plants adds warmth to the space. This type of structure is usually used in modern architectures and bioclimatic housing. Another option is to use ceramic tiles, such as Berna Caliza, from Porcelanosa, giving the terrace a more elegant and sophisticated air, together with wooden beams on the ceiling. Butech outdoor installation systems guarantee perfect installation and conservation of the façade over time.

Garden cladding with combinations

For contemporary spaces with minimalist designs and clean lines, the trend is a mix of stone, wood and metal in the same shade (Airslate Kathmandu, Globe Brick Bhutan and Pizarra Bhutan from L'Antic Colonial), recommended materials for garden wall cladding. These materials are characterised by their durability and their lasting integration into the natural landscape, making plants and jute furniture good options for decorative elements for the terrace.

The outdoor space is conceived as another room in the house. Therefore, accessories are key to maintaining the same style as the rest of the rooms.

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