October 22, 2013 | Updated: October 18, 2018


Ciclo: evolution of bathroom furniture

Gamadecor recently showcased its new bathroom furniture collection characterised by its compact rounded lines and perfect fusion of different materials and colours. The Ciclo bathroom collection receives its name for the original rounded edges found on the washbasin and draw, which are the collection’s key elements.The design of the freestanding modules and the integration of the draw handles improve the visual lightness of the unit. The collection lets you choose between one unique module or various. The furniture’s finishes can also be customised and come in a lacquered or oak finish.Elegant complements in the same finishes on the interior of the draws complete the Ciclo collection by Gamadecor, achieving a practical and modern bathroom with a rich contrast between the white and chocolate colours.All countertop finishes come in a beech, lacquered, marble or Krion® finish. Furthermore, if you want to achieve a more original result, you can choose a washbasin from any other series, and even include an integrated Krion® washbasin, converting the Ciclo collection by Gamadecor into a completely customizable and modular piece of furniture.

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