December 2, 2014 | Updated: October 26, 2018


Chester, the new ceramic parquet with ‘white wash’ effect by Porcelanosa

Porcelanosa extends its range of Par-ker® ceramic parquet with the Chester collection, characterised by its exquisite white veining which highlights the noble quality of the material which has inspired this series of ceramic coverings and porcelain tile flooring.

Thanks to the masterful reproduction of the “white wash” stripping technique, used on natural wood surfaces, the Par-ker® Chester collection from Porcelanosa produces the characteristic veins and cracks of wood with whitish tints. This effect beings a warm vintage atmosphere to spaces where these ceramic floorings and coverings are installed.

All the models of the Chester collection of ceramic parquet are presented in four elegant colours, nuanced with white to soften their finish, which perfectly combines the tonal versatility of wood: from the intense Chester Antracito, to the moderate tone of Chester Leño and the greyish Chester Acero, to the warmth of Chester Castaño,

In terms of formats, this new Par-ker® design has models of porcelain flooring tile in 22x90cm and 14.3x90cm; while the Taco and Line model versions for wall coverings are available with dimensions of 31.6x90cm.

The Chester Taco ceramic covering recreates a mosaic of irregular wooden cubes of different textures and tones. The Chester Line Par-ker® is made up of superimposed strips to achieve a very stylish overlapping effect.

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