October 3, 2016 | Updated: October 26, 2018


Cersaie 2016: Vitae, The bathroom concept revolution by Zaha Hadid and Noken

Vitae has been the big commitment from Noken, the bathroom equipment from the PORCELANOSA Group, at the Cersaie 2016 International Trade Fair.

Zaha Hadid Design designed this unique collection as a comprehensive package for the bathroom, which showed the idea of a future space. A totally revolutionary concept based on both an innovative and modern design.

Water is the source of all life, so, all the items in the collection show organic shapes and flowing lines, inspired by both nature and the movement of water. An invitation to unleash life and at the same time, to relax in the bathroom, where getting away from the classical concept and becoming a place where we can feel ourselves again is key.

Its aesthetics, based on naturalness and dynamism, make it a masterpiece of a design that not only looks towards the future, but also sets a trend.

The design and exclusivity are the cornerstone of this collection whose taps were already awarded as the most innovative design at the iSaloni event in Milan. Its liquid shapes remind us of water flow, providing each piece with great dynamism.

Sustainability and respect for the environment are another of the collection premises. Therefore, all its components have a flow rate limiter allowing for a greater water saving.

The basin, made of the highest quality porcelain, keeps its curved lines present throughout the collection, achieving the perfect harmony between exclusivity, naturalness and elegance.

The basin set is completed with a cutting-edge mirror with irregular and wavy lines, which reinforces visual fluidity.

As a space for evasion and relaxation, the Vitae bathtub manages to evoke water flow through its ergonomic structure which is adapted to the body shape.

Similarly, its shower column keeps that natural essence, creating a calm environment in which the senses are the main attraction.

Meanwhile, The Vitae sanitaryware are wall hung, relying on its curvilinear shapes. Its design allows for the installation of recessed cistern bodies in order to maintain both its sobriety and simplicity.

Thus, Vitae is presented as a single collection, not only because of its care and cutting-edge design, but also because it is one of the latest designs by Zaha Hadid’s.

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