September 23, 2014 | Updated: October 26, 2018


Cersaie 2014: Gamadecor presents Emotions Rooms

Visitors to the current edition of Cersaie have admired the new kitchen furniture products by Gamadecor: Emotions Rooms. This is a new concept in kitchen design which intends to open this space to new uses and functions, uniting it with the living room.

With this ingenious method, Gamadecor broadens the functionality of the column area, taking advantage of this element as a separator of atmospheres which allows the kitchen to communicate with the living room through a serving hatch, but also with storage space on both sides. This is an aesthetic and practical solution, ideal for making the most of space in studio flats and “loft” type layouts.

Thus, with an elegant design which makes the kitchen environment a theme, the PORCELANOSA Group firm offers a compact island with a two height countertop. The upper level is intended as the work area, allowing different tasks to be undertaken comfortably, with a granite Aristea White countertop with a shining finish, which integrates the hob and the sink. The lower level, made from Krion® white, acts as a table, with an asymmetrical design that seems to glide underneath the work surface.

In harmony with the shining whites of the island, the columns are presented in a shining lacquer finish, decorated with a natural oak veneer border in Alba finish. The integrated handles on the front remain hidden, thus achieving a compact volume of simple lines, only interrupted by the plate warmer which connects the kitchen with the living room. This finishes are repeated in the rear of the column area, where the design is completed with shelves for storage and decoration, thereby unifying the design of the kitchen and the living room through a single element.

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