September 23, 2020


Give your kitchen a makeover with chic collections from Porcelanosa

PORCELANOSA Group offers a selection of its firms' most creative ceramic tiles so you can give your home a new look - without the need for major works.


The kitchen is one of the most prominent rooms in your home, and the type of decor you go for plays an important role in how your home looks and feels. A transformation in residential architecture over recent years has led to the democratisation of this space, with new designs and layouts such as open-plan kitchen and living areas, with L or U-shaped or island kitchens.


This opening up of the space has caused a shift in terms of construction. We now place function over form. Wellbeing over aesthetic, and sustainability over profits. From this perspective, we can see how important your choice of materials, as well as the way you integrate them into your home, are to making it comfy and welcoming. Selecting ceramic wall and floor tiles, the right lighting, and organising your utensils all have an impact on how the area is used and enjoyed.

In this article, we'll look at a range of ceramic tile collections for updating your kitchen walls, designed and guaranteed by PORCELANOSA Group.

Choose the perfect wall tiles for your kitchen

Plain, metallic, relief or mosaics, PORCELANOSA Group ceramic wall tiles are characterised by innovative design and high technical performance. Installing these tiles with give your kitchen a truly distinctive look, and as they're resistant to extreme temperatures, blows and scratches, they'll make it safer too.

If you want your kitchen to stay as good as new for longer, use high-performance Butech adhesives, all suitable for these ceramic tiles, and food and water-resistant jointing materials.

1. Wall tiles inspired by stone

If you want a kitchen with a restrained, light-filled look, you could go for the Prada collection from Porcelanosa. Inspired by the aesthetics of natural stone, the tiles can be used to create endless walls, thanks to the 3D design that comes in three shades, all reproducing the contrasts of limestone: Acero, Caliza and White.

Stuc Ice, from the XTONE™ range, is another stone-inspired wall tile that will turn your kitchen into a design statement. The tiles in this range recreate the beauty of sandstone, and are so perfectly versatile they'll suit any space.

Available in six shades and finishes (Nature, Polished, Texture, Tock and Deco), the collection is suitable for food preparation areas because it doesn't release volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and prevents the proliferation of fungi and bacteria. And because the tiles are non-porous, they also prevent any absorption of liquids or gases. Resistant to fire, high temperatures and stains, Stuc Ice is a unique and refined design, perfect for the most minimalist of kitchens.

2. Marble look tiles

If you want to give your home a more classic feel, collections like Carrara White or Aria White from XTONE™ will turn your kitchen walls into a marble mural. The fine grey veins will go well with any interior design style, and bamboo, leather or porcelain pieces would be perfect partners, as well as natural wood such as Parquet Lampione by L'Antic Colonial.

Gamadecor kitchens unite hardwood furnishings with storage and cooking areas under the same design.

3. Matt and gloss mosaics for kitchens

Laying mosaics is one decorative idea for kitchens. Collections such as Rhomboid, Lines and Effect by L'Antic Colonial, featuring plays of colours and natural shine, will make the space look utterly sophisticated, without you having to think about any additional accessories.

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