July 16, 2019


Ceramic solutions for kitchens by Venis: 3 designs for 3 styles

Ceramic is one of the most suitable materials to be used in the kitchen due to its durability, resistance and easy maintenance.

Venis offers three of its latest collections for three different decor styles, which are: minimalist, rustic and Mediterranean.

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in any house because its recurrent use. Therefore, refurbishing it is something quite usual, and so is modernising it, which makes it even more functional. For this type of refurbishment, choosing the right equipment and materials for floor tiles and wall tiles is vital, since the durability of the space will depend on it.

As a complementary design to the Gamadecor designs, Venis offers its latest kitchen ceramic solutions. Collections such as: Urban, Urban Nature, Artic and Newport; all meet the needs of these types of rooms. As well as that, they not only guarantee resistance and easy maintenance but also easy cleaning. Three ceramic series for kitchens which adapt to the latest decorative trends: minimalist, rustic and Mediterranean style.

Minimalist style

Minimalism is characterised by the wide and lightly filled space, in which only what is seen as being essential is included. The practicality of each element and its commitment to light colours which enhance the luminosity are its most distinctive features.

Venis combines the Urban Caliza ceramic in an 80cm x 80cm format with a white kitchen and dark wooden cabinets to subtly break with light tones. Inspired by nature, Urban Caliza reproduces the elegance of sand on the floor tile, bringing warmth at the same time.


Rustic style

Venis offers the fusion of wood with cement for rustic style rooms through wall tiles like Urban Natural. An exclusive and elegant stone effect finish, available in two versions: 45cm x 120cm for wall tiles and 80cm x 80cm for floor tiles.


The chairs and worktop, done in black, show a chromatic contrast with the rest of furniture and household furnishings inspired by earth tones.

Another design for kitchens with the Gamadecor wood finish is Newport Acero Nature in an 80cm x 80cm format. One of the Premium collections by Venis with great resistance, careful graphics and easy maintenance.

Mediterranean style

Mediterranean style transmits freshness and serenity. Two characteristics which are enhanced with the pure white from Artic in an 80cm x 80cm size, which intensifies the elegance of the space, guaranteeing luminosity and amplitude as well. For the wall tile, we can include the Urban ceramic stone whose sand effect contrasts with the blue of the decor, which breaks the aesthetic created by the marble piece.


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