January 11, 2016 | Updated: October 26, 2018


Ceramic materials: restoration spaces full of quality and excellence

Apart from spaces in the home, the PORCELANOSA Group has become an outstanding firm regarding architecture and interior design when both wall and floor tiling become the most demanding restoration projects. The excellence and high quality of its ceramic materials put the firm at the cutting edge of design, which results in a huge number of projects from around the world which have banked on the firm in order to carry out their most exclusive food-related businesses.

Because of the characteristics which give it is nature, mainly ceramics, the ceramic parquet by Porcelanosa and Venis is one of the preferred options regarding restoration. Thanks to a warmth and cosiness like the natural wood PAR-KER, it is highly resistant to wear and tear caused by continuous use, and it also has easy-to-clean and low-maintenance properties. Thanks to the fact of being suitable for areas with a high level of pedestrian traffic, numerous projects have opted for the ceramic parquet in order to provide their floors with elegance. Therefore, restaurants and café bars look as good as new, like they did when they first opened their doors.

The extra-slim porcelain tile by Urbatek is one of the other sumptuous options offered by the PORCELANOSA Group. Renowned projects such as the modern minimalist Loft Coffee & Food in Tenerife, which was a  finalist at the 8th Porcelanosa Awards, have already used it in their interior designs as a high-quality wall tile with an elegant aesthetics, and because of its lightness, easy installation and modularity make it suitable for any project. Thanks to this endless performance, XLight turns out to be the suitable material for installing in very hot and wet areas such as kitchens and bathrooms.

With regard to ceramic wall tiles, PORCELANOSA Group also offers designs for restoration spaces which are able to surprise any customer in the pursuit of a unique culinary experience. The 7 Grammi Italian restaurant, located in Rome, serves as an example of how to cover the restaurant flooring and counters in a refined original and vintage-styled way, by making use of the Barcelona hydraulic ceramic floor tile by Porcelanosa. As a tribute to the past, this material stands out because of both its excellent unique design and its high performance and low-maintenance properties.

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