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Ceppo Stone by Porcelanosa: Stone turned into ceramic

This porcelain tile is available in three finishes: Stone, Acero and Antracita.This material projects the essence of nature through its untoned textured finish.

The exclusive charm of the terrazzo has captivated not only the flooring of the most modernist projects, but also the wall tiles and façades.

In line with this, Ceppo Stone, which belongs to STON-KER®, projects the essence of nature through its untoned textured finish. The ceramic stone by Porcelanosa gives character and sophistication to any architectural space seeking its own identity. Unique, resistant and cutting-edge design.

This porcelain tile stands out because of its strength, and its ability to remain unaffected on its surface even in extreme conditions. These features are a consequence of the exhaustive ceramic production system that it has to undergo. Its high quality standards allow for the development of a product which meets the different building requirements.

Three colour possibilities: Stone, Acero and Antracita

The Ceppo Stone pattern reproduces the combination of small materials whose shapes and tones have been studied in precise details.

The Antracita finish is a combination of grey and black fragments. The Acero colour presents a mass in a grey colour with whitish and cream tones. Direct breakout.

The stone tone is portrayed with Stone from Ceppo. We are dealing with a material which enhances the stony aesthetic of this ceramic material. Pure nature focused on the terrazzo.

Untoned realism

Ceppo Stone meets the demands of absolute realism because of its untoned textured finish, which is available in the 80cmx80cm. format. An innovative and interesting solution for interiors and exteriors alike, especially in the terrace and bathroom  floor tiles or wall tiles.

Carefully worked aesthetic for unique spaces. Originality without over decorating.

8 thoughts on “Ceppo Stone by Porcelanosa: Stone turned into ceramic'

      1. Dear,
        We had chosen the ceppo antracita for our new home her in Belgium, but because of the corona-crisis we’ve received a message from our supplier here in Belgium that it’s out of production.
        Is it still possible to order the ceppo stone? Is this still in production? Is it possible to order him for Belgium?

        Kind regards.

  1. Hi,

    Is the Ceppo Antracita available in the UK? I can only find the Ceppo Stone in my local Porcelanosa store (Norwich). Many thanks


  2. Good morning,
    We have just installed Ceppo Acero Matte terrazzo tiles in our front entrance and on our bathroom floors. They look beautiful. Do the tiles have to be sealed. They were professionnally installed, but we are not sure we should ask that a sealant be applied. Thanks for your advice.

    1. Hello Ann. It does not need any sealant, Ceppo Acero Matte is a ston-ker with no absorption so it doesn´t need. Thank you.

  3. I’ve specified Ceppo Acero for a commercial project in Alberta, Canada but need to know the thickness of the tile, please. I can’t find specs for it.

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