August 27, 2020


Urbatek perfects white marble with its XTONE Calacatta Gold collection

The PORCELANOSA Group firm designs a new series inspired by the chromatic shifts and veins of this rock to give more luminosity and resistance to each room.


Calacatta marble is one of the most widely-used materials in large artistic constructions due to its shine and natural beauty, and it is the inspiration for the Calacatta Gold collection from XTONE.

This compact sintered mineral developed by the Urbatek firm of PORCELANOSA Group has expanded its Premium collection catalogue with this new series that reproduces the veins and chromatic shifts of this marble.


The main innovation with regard to the natural material is its greater resistance and integrity against high temperatures, bending, impacts and scratching. An advance that offers maximum safety with maximum design for areas such as bathrooms and kitchens where there is greater footfall and humidity.

Natural beauty and uniqueness in every room

The material’s continuous design with invisible joins and zero porosity reduces the accumulation of dust or bacteria, prevents the absorption of liquids and gases and improves hygiene in spaces, while requiring hardly any maintenance.

With a broken white base and fine veins with golden touches, this collection increases the light and the amplitude of both interior and exterior areas in each of its three finishes: Nature, Polished and Silk and formats: 154 cm x 328 cm (12 mm thick) 150 cm x 300 cm, 120 x 250 cm and 120 x 120 cm (6 mm).


XTone Calacatta Gold 150 cm x 300 cm

Given their neutral versatility, the pieces in this series fit perfectly with minimalist interior design, although also with the more classic style. One of the typical combinations for a living room or stylish bathroom is to combine sofas covered in leather, ochre or blue with circular geometric lamps and hardwood furniture. These decorative elements will strengthen their presence and originality with the Calacatta Gold collection as the floor or wall tiles, which will help to achieve more space and luminosity in every corner.

In the kitchen, you can choose to combine natural wood or metal elements with plants and sliding door cabinets, which will allow for a better organisation of utensils, making this room a gastronomic and social meeting point.


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