11 March 2021 | Updated: April 26, 2021


Butech decorative profiles for sophisticated ceramics

The PORCELANOSA Group has designed various types of profiles to provide added protection and a distinctive style in chrome, bronze and black finishes.

Fitting decorative profiles in the bathroom, the kitchen or the living room has become a popular option because of the added protection they give and the elegant touch they add to any room. The Butech company in the PORCELANOSA Group has designed a series of profiles for Porcelanosa’s ceramic collections which help to create elegant spaces which are designed to last.

Decorative profiles: their uses and advantages

Butech’s decorative profiles can be used in many styles of decoration and, by emphasising the horizontal lines of the project, zones no longer have to be separated. Corners are given extra protection, making each piece part of the general design (Pro-part Ocean 11 mm and Pro-mate 5 Chrome profile). Contrasting (Pro-part Coal 11 mm) and chrome finish (Pro-part Chrome) profiles enhance the appearance of areas like the bathroom, combining with taps, screens and towel rails to produce an attractive overall impression.

Perfil Pro-part Chromed Butech Porcelanosa
Profile Pro-part Chromed Butech
Perfil Pro-Part Ocean 11 mm Butech Porcelanosa
Profile Pro-Part Ocean 11 mmButech
Perfil Pro-Mate 5 Black 12.5 mm Butech Porcelanosa
Profile Pro-Mate 5 Black 12.5mm Butech
Profile Pro-Part Coal 11mm Butech
Perfil Pro-Part Graphite Matt 2+Stuc Collection Butech Urbatek Porcelanosa
Profile Pro-Part Graphite Matt 2+Stuc Collection Butech Urbatek
Profile Pro-Part Sand 2+Stuc Collection Urbatek Butech
Pro-Mate 5 Chrome Butech
Pro-Mate 5 Chrome Butech Porcelanosa-2
Pro-Mate 5 Chrome Butech

This range is notable for the extra resistance it provides, its easy installation and each model’s versatile applications. Options include using vertical lines to create balanced areas of tiling and horizontal lines as an alternative to traditional borders.

Perfil Pro-Part Chrome Integra esquina+XTone Nuba White Nature Liem 120 cm x 250 cm+Stuc Rope Nature 120 cm x 250 cm Butech Urbatek Porcelanosa

How do I choose a decorative profile?

The first step is to choose a decorative profile that is suitable for the type of interior design and the thickness of the tiles. Depending on the style you want to create, you can choose a profile that enhances the tiles or combines effectively with taps, furniture and other accessories.

It is also important to decide how wide the profile should be and whether it stands out from the tiles.  Pro-part 8mm wide profiles (PORCELANOSA large format tiles) Pro-mate 5 profiles (smaller spaces where the profile does not need to stand out above the tiles).

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