January 29, 2019


Butech impresses at the 26th International Exhibition with new decorative profiles and tools for professionals in the sector

Compatible with LED lighting, the new profiles work as a support for wall corners, countertops and ceramic wall tiles.

The company has created an app which accurately works out the amount of building material which will be needed by experts to carry out their projects.

In this edition of the PORCELANOSA Group Global Architecture & Interior Design International Exhibition,  Butech has presented four new profiles from the Pro-Light collection. They are the result of the research and the findings by the firm as far as ceramic installation and building materials are concerned.

Devices which are adapted to LED lighting

The profiles that the firm showcased during the fair are characterised by being compatible with LED lighting systems. Being aware of energy use, along with a responsible consumption of resources, the team from Butech has created these new mechanisms which focus on a demanding and sustainable production method.  “We are aware that trends are geared towards the ceramic wall tile combination with other materials such as microcement and profiles. More specifically with LED lighting, the reason why we have extended the LED profiles pro-light collection.”

One of them is the Pro-corneright which consists of a right-angled diffuser whose sides measure 15mm, which can be placed on wall corners. The Pro-Part Light profile has an anchoring tab for wall tiles, something which has been carefully studied in order to have LED system integrated between two ceramic tiles. So that the kitchen worktops have greater brightness, the company has developed the Pro-mate 45 top light.  The fourth model is the Pro-light 7.5, which is available in Black (black lacquered) or Silver (silver anodised aluminium). “We are totally convinced that a sale or ceramic installation by the Porcelanosa Group can only be achieved with 100% excellence when the right installation materials have been used”, remarks José Fenollosa, a manager at the company.

José Fenollosa emphasises: “We are totally convinced that a sale is only achievable with 100% excellence when the right installation materials have been used”.

A philosophy which focuses on new methods and ceramic installation materials. This is the case with the Imperband Deck kit and the two new ventilated façades and raised access flooring systems. The standout products from this edition. “Here at Butech, we do concern ourselves with the environment. In fact, we are continuously working on the study of ceramic installation systems for façades and accessed floorings so as to have the building’s energy consumption reduced”, remarks Fenollosa.

A digital calculator for sustainable buildings

Specialised in the technical development and project execution, the firm from the PORCELANOSA Group made the most of this event by showcasing its new app. Thought up to be a calculator, this new tool works out the installation performance precisely and quickly, as well as the material for the joints in relation to both the placement and the quantity, As well as that, the type of cross brace to be used, the wedges or the number of bags that have to be bought.

The tool makes use of a unique algorithm which accurately works out the amount of material which will be needed by professionals to carry out their projects, all done in the simplest of ways.  

Its intuitive use allows professionals to collect all the necessary information from the catalogue whilst making the work easier by optimising time and resources. In order to make the most of its functions, users will have to enter with the SAP code (model), the surface, the joint width and the type of adhesive and support.

Calculator functions:

  1.  Accessing any variable to change it at any given time.
  2.   Viewing the display of the latest created reports.
  3.   Sharing project conclusions through mobile phones.
  4.  Having key information about the adhesive, joints, cross brace and wedges.

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