April 25, 2016 | Updated: October 26, 2018


Bronze Oak Wood furniture by Gamadecor: wood plays a major role in the bathroom

The latest innovations regarding Research, Development and Innovation have allowed for including natural wood in bathroom equipment. All of this is doable by means of highly-innovative treatments which provide for the inclusion of this traditional material in the most demanding of atmospheres.

In this way, wood comes to the forefront in bathrooms through its integration in both the most innovative and sophisticated bathroom furniture. The Bronze Oak Wood series by Gamadecor is just one example of this.

By suggesting warmth and natural essence, the Bronze Oak Wood furniture is striking because of its 4cm-thick aged solid oak countertop. Its manufacture is focused on natural wood itself, which is left to age for a couple of years so that it can be treated superficially, thus, providing it with a higher resistance and durability. With regard to the Bronze Oak finish, Gamadecor provides the wooden bathroom furniture with other colours and options depending on the wood stain: Roble Alba, Roble Sil, Roble Cobre and Roble noche. Furthermore, it is available in two formats: 1.100 and 1.500 mm wide.

More materials

Wood dominates in this innovative Gamadecor bathroom furniture. Nevertheless, together with the wood itself, one can find other materials which contribute even more to its cosy natural-rustic style. The aged solid oakwood countertop has been laid on a modern steel structure in a metal finish, whilst on the other hand, the basin is made of natural granite in the Tanzania matt finish. The set is finished off with wall accessories and mirrors in the same metal finish as the structure, along with the towel rail which is integrated in the countertop.

An elegant design full of quality for modern bathrooms, with signs of authenticity and pureness.

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