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Turquoise stone, inspiration for an explosion of freshness

Installing turquoise stone in homes and public/commercial spaces adds a fresh and vibrant touch to the different spaces.

Turquoise tiles are also a good alternative. These tones are often associated with the sea, water, calm and serenity, helping to create a relaxing and original atmosphere at the same time. In this post, we'll show you some ideas that will inspire you to choose turquoise stone or the best turquoise tile for the bathroom or tiles in the turquoise kitchen.

Spaces with turquoise stone

Brightness, transparency, hardness, colour and texture. Natural turquoise stone boasts many characteristics that make it an excellent material to apply in different rooms and in various ways, such as the kitchen or bathroom. Turquoise stone, thanks to its tonality, adds vitality and freshness wherever it is used.

Kitchen. The turquoise or blue-green colours can give a fresh and modern look to the space. It is important to find balance and harmony by using intense colours in this space. Here are some ideas that might help you:

Stone Turquoise Adamantina Cocina Polished Altissima by XTONE
Stone Turquoise Adamantina Cocina Polished Altissima by XTONE

Use these shades on walls (such as a backsplash or the fronts of cabinets) to add a touch of colour.

Turquoise Stone Baobab Retroiluminado Altissima by XTONE
Turquoise Stone Baobab Retroiluminado Altissima by XTONE

You can cover the kitchen island with turquoise stone to achieve a room with a lot of personality and character.

Turquoise Stone Adamantina Altissima by XTONE
Turquoise Stone Adamantina Altissima by XTONE

The visual aesthetic and beauty of turquoise stone is a good choice for dining room tables, creating an elegant and contemporary atmosphere.

Get the look: You can combine turquoise stone with neutral tones. In the kitchen and living room, it goes well with beige or grey chairs or armchairs, and with light or dark wood to create a balanced contrast. The best thing about turquoise stone is that you can backlight it to achieve an exquisite and special interior design (Adamantina or Baobab, Altissima by XTONE).

Bathroom. A good way to bring out the colour of turquoise stone is to use it as wall tile in the washbasin or tub area.

Turquoise Stone Universe Aurora by L'Antic Colonial
Turquoise Stone Universe Aurora by L'Antic Colonial

Four essentials for the perfect turquoise tile

As an alternative to turquoise stone, we can opt for ceramic, a resistant material with a great aesthetic capacity. To make the most of turquoise tile, the secret lies in the shape, texture and finish. Here are some aspects you should focus on before deciding.


Glossy vs matt

The most important difference in finishes is glossy and matt. Glossy tiles reflect light, while matt tiles absorb it. Keep this point in mind if the space in question is small.



Smooth vs textured

Rustic or worn tiles have a look and appeal that are different from smooth tiles. The texture captures light and shadows, resulting in changing shapes. In the case of turquoise tiles, the texture influences how much green and blue are perceived in the respective tones.

DECO VETRI BLU L 33.3X59.2 (A)


Square vs shaped tiles

Grouting is the key to choosing uniform vs embossed tiles. The final aesthetic result will vary depending on the size and complexity of the turquoise tile design.

NAZARI CHAUEN 11.5X11.5X1-1.1


Installation pattern vs mosaic

The type of turquoise tile and its placement also influence how these shades of colour are perceived. This is especially so with textured mosaics, which project subtle shadows throughout the day, depending on the exposure to natural light.


Turquoise blue bathroom tiles

The matt finish is typically used on bathroom floors, and the matt or glossy finish, or a combination of the two, on the walls. Turquoise tiles can be used in several ways in the bathroom:

- A popular option is to use tiles in these shades on the shower walls, the washbasin area or around the tub to create a visually appealing focal point.
- Turquoise tiles can also be used as flooring, using models that imitate hydraulic tiles.

Get the look: Combine the turquoise tile in the bathroom with accessories and other elements - toilet, washbasin, bath or partition - in white to achieve a better visual contrast. Add touches of wood to give warmth to the space and create a relaxing and invigorating setting.

How to combine turquoise stone in contract projects

Turquoise tiles are a bold and vibrant choice that can bring life to any space in your home, whether it's the kitchen, bathroom or living room. Its refreshing and relaxing tone gives it a sense of calm and serenity, while adding a touch of style and personality. In commercial and leisure projects, turquoise tiles have multiple applications that elevate the aesthetics of spaces:

- They can be used as wall or bar tiles in a restaurant. They can also be used as a decorative element in a fireplace or shelf.

Nazari Chauen Fes by L'Antic Colonial
Nazari Chauen Fes by L’Antic Colonial

- We recommend combining different shades of turquoise tiles to bring out the colour's full potential.

Turquoise tile: the most popular styles

Turquoise tiles and turquoise stone are popular due to their unique and vibrant colour combinations, which add a touch of colour to any space. The most popular styles are metro tiles, Moroccan tiles and mosaic tiles, such as hexagonal tiles, fish scales and herringbone tiles.

Turquoise metro tiles
As for wall tiles, the renowned metro tile is the default choice for anyone who isn't sure when choosing a wall finish. Traditionally, metro tiles have always been associated with white. When you choose turquoise or blue-green tiles, this classic and versatile shape is transformed. With these shades and this tile format, the look of a kitchen backsplash or the wall of a bathroom changes radically. It is important to note that the visual effect will depend on the grout and the installation pattern.

Deco Vetri Blu & Deco Vetri White by Porcelanosa
Deco Vetri Blu & Deco Vetri White by Porcelanosa

Turquoise tiles with an Arabian feel
Arabian tiles refer to handmade tiles or ones that look like they are handmade. This type of tile has a certain charm, and especially when combined with toilets or kitchen cabinets, it takes on a timeless look. To give this traditional style an even more contemporary touch, the choice of matt or glossy finish will depend on the pattern and the room.

Crystal Blue Mosaic by L'Antic Colonial
Crystal Blue Mosaic by L'Antic Colonial

Turquoise mosaics
Turquoise and blue-green tiles go well anywhere, and shouldn't be limited to the bathroom or kitchen. Blue-green and turquoise mosaic tiles are an ideal choice for different environments: dining rooms, hallways, bedrooms or smaller spaces (such as bathrooms and dressing rooms). This colour range makes for a creative and open atmosphere.

Remember that turquoise tiles are a striking and decorative element. It's important not to overload a space, but it's a perfect colour for summer or winter settings that frequently include plants. It's important to use turquoise stone or turquoise tiles in moderation and in balance with the space.

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