31 March 2021 | Updated: April 1, 2021


Blue bathrooms to find calm

Blue was one of the trending colours of 2020 due to the freshness and calm that it lends spaces, and it can be combined with white, beige or grey.

Named one of the colours of the year in 2020 by Pantone, blue (19-4052 Classic Blue) is one of the most commonly used shades in the design of interiors due to the calm, serenity and timelessness it brings to spaces. Thanks to its simplicity and breadth, this colour can be combined with white, beige or grey, and it is increasingly common in rooms such as bathrooms or kitchens.

If you are thinking about renovating or restyling to your bathroom, here are some of the main tips with blue as a common theme.

Ideas for decorating a blue bathroom

The peace and well-being that the colour blue transmits allows you to find balance in the bathroom. One of the most frequent combinations is to intersperse this colour with white, sand, brown, beige or grey, reinforcing it with paper lamps, artistic prints or plants.

1. Classic walls with blue mosaics

Blue mosaics can be monochromatic or alternate shades and volumes. Using a wall cladding like this and framing it with light-wood modular furniture, backlit mirrors or cotton textiles can give your bathroom a modern touch.

Smart countertop 61 cm + One unit 61 cm Vulcano Grey + Aro Air Krion mirror

2. Blue tiles for the bathroom

Blue tiles lend the bathroom greater lightness and give the interiors a more Mediterranean touch. With geometric, floral, plain or embossed patterns, these pieces fit perfectly with ceramic or natural parquet flooring, white oval bathtubs or wooden open shelves.

Rhombus Navy tile, Patagonia Home slate and Navona Persian White washbasin from L’Antic Colonial

3. Blue marble tiles

If you want to give the bathroom a more classic touch, you can use marble with blue veins on walls or floors and accompany it with industrial lamps, modular furniture, geometric washbasins or metallic showers.

4. Metro style tiles

Blue subway tiles or brick tiles can be fitted vertically or horizontally on the wall to bring depth and light to every corner.


tiles-morocco-kitchens-bathrooms5. Blue bathroom furnishings

Lounge Night Blue unit Noken

A blue bathroom unit is another perfect option for decorating a bathroom of this style. The Lounge Night Blue models from Noken or Last Ocean Blue from Gamadecor feature well-defined organic lines, and they lighten the bathroom thanks to their wide drawers and marble appearance.

Last Ocean Blue unit Gamadecor

6. Blue bathroom accessories

Blue soap dishes, towel racks, shelves or dispensers can give your bathroom a more original touch by combining them with white wall coverings or open partitions.

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