March 10, 2015 | Updated: October 26, 2018


Blanco Andes and Kayak Beige among the new designs by L’Antic Colonial for 2015

According to L’Antic Colonial, natural stone  will be a ‘must’ in architecture and decoration projects in 2015. It is a material that never goes out of fashion thanks to its beautiful finishes and the fact that it is able to fit in with of any style of atmosphere.

Consequently the firm specialised in natural materials by PORCELANOSA Group has extended its catalogue of floor tiles and natural stone wall tiles by adding new models of marble, coming from Turkish quarries, and ideal for creating light-filled timeless spaces. The most outstanding among them are the new Blanco Andes and Kayak Beige by L’Antic Colonial.

The characteristic greyish colour tone of the flat veining is the most outstanding quality of the Blanco Andes marble by L’Antic Colonial. An appearance which allows you to create a play of different shades of colour by means of an elegant stylised look. At present, this natural stone is available in Pulido, Classico and Sand Home finishes, in 30x60cm, 40x0cm and 60x60cm formats, adapting to the specific needs of each space. The originality of the Blanco Andes finish has taken Jestico and Whiles to use this natural material in the design of their Signature Space for the new L’Antic Colonial showroom.

On the other hand, the Kayak Beige marble has a warmer colour tone. Its soft cream colouring, full of intense veining, provides each piece with a unique, and genuine air of nature. This new natural stone by L’Antic Colonial is available in Pulido and Classico finishes and in 30X60cm, 40x80cm and 60x60cm formats. Sanahuja and Partners made the choice of the Kayak Beige Classico marble pieces for the wall tiling of their Signature Space ‘Living Atmosphere’, a multifunctional living-room which can be used either as a house or in a more public environment like a hotel lobby, a waiting room, etc.

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