March 18, 2020 | Updated: December 10, 2020

Black and white bathrooms will always be in style

With the PORCELANOSA Group’s collections you can design more open, imaginative black and white spaces where the architectural features also provide a decorative touch.

Creative ideas for this type of space include ceramic pieces with geometric motifs, white lacquered bathroom furniture and matt finishes.

Some originals never go out of fashion, whether in film, music, fashion or in this case, design. One look remains, and will always remain, current: black and white interiors.

This trend, which took off in the 80s, is still a classic in bathroom décor, allowing different coloured floor and wall tiles to be combined artistically.

XLight Concrete Black Nature 100 cm x 300 City Graphic Lapatto 59,6-cm-x-59,6-cm Urbatek Porcelanosa 1

Tips for designing a black and white bathroom

The first step in designing a black and white bathroom is to create a mood board with different pieces, samples and textures. Here are some ideas for creating a black and white bathroom:

#01 Floor tiles with geometric patterns

The starting point is to choose a black and white tile. The classic pattern is the black and white chequered floor, set diagonally at an angle of 45 degrees. Another option is to combine black and white tiles with a different colour.

#02 Wall tiles in black and white

Choose textured tiles in ceramic or other porcelain material, adding contrasting borders to make the bathroom design stand out. Used this way, black and white tiles make the space more dynamic, thanks to their geometric patterns and uniform textures.

#03 Choose the right furnishings

Combining black and white furnishings such as dressing tables or storage units could provide the perfect focal point for an original bathroom.

Conjunto Krion One Porcelanosa 1

#04 Marble never fails

If there is one material that perfectly captures the beauty of black and white, it is marble. Used on floors or walls, the veins in this natural material give it a timeless feel. Another option is to use limestone and slate, combined with white fittings.

XTone Glem White Nature Tailored Design Urbatek Porcelanosa 2

#05 Metal finishes and black and white taps

Chrome or polished finishes help make these spaces sparkle, while taps and fittings in a black matt finish are another possibility.

Mueble baño Gap Gamadecor Porcelanosa

#06 Black and white ceramics with wallpaper

Bathroom walls can be decorated with white tiles, combined with wallpaper with a relief pattern or stencilled designs.

Ceramica Artic Cubik-Artic Venis Porcelanosa

#07 Mirrors and shower screens

Engraved glass or black borders on geometric mirrors add depth to black and white bathrooms. Combining clear glass structures with black and white pieces also broadens the limits and aesthetic possibilities of the smallest bathrooms.


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