May 29, 2019 | Updated: March 8, 2022


The Binter building rises over Las Palmas de Gran Canaria with raised access flooring from Butech

The Spanish airline’s offices are spread out over an area of 13.000m2 and they are characterised by their clear open and accessible design. The standout being the raised access flooring from Butech.

The Pro-Skirting baseboard made of Silver anodized aluminium has the flooring perimeter hidden which brings the Nordic aesthetic together in these premises.

The Binter airline company from the Canary Islands has set up its new offices in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria with a minimal Nordic design, where white and the open spaces play the leading role. Throughout the 13.000m2 space, the raised access flooring for interiors from Butech has been used through the City Cube Nature collection by Urbatek.

Edificio Binter Suelo Técnico Butech 2

Efficient solutions for workspaces

The raised access flooring from Butech allows for the most technical areas to be hidden underneath the flooring. In this way, the wiring of the work areas are concealed by the general structure of the flooring, therefore, we get an atmosphere which looks more orderly with the different office items.

The City Cube Nature collection by Urbatek is a non-enamelled through-body porcelain which provides the environment with a timeless character. The resistance which is typical of the flooring from the company turns out to be a practical option in a workspace like this.

Edificio Binter Suelo Técnico Butech 13

The baseboard made of aluminium in the Pro-Skirting silver finish from Butech has been opted for because of its high resistance to impacts and humidity. It is separated from the wall through miter joints, and in this way, it gives continuity to the installations and wiring which are placed underneath the raised access flooring.

These three building and decor solutions from PORCELANOSA Group share the same objective: to create useful environments which are positive for the user under the umbrella of the aesthetic modernity.

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