May 30, 2018 | Updated: December 11, 2019


Bianco ceramic tiles, Thassos and Portofino by Porcelanosa are gaining ground in kitchens and bathrooms

The polished models that mimic natural stone are trending in interior design

Their brightness enhances the space and creates balanced and harmonic atmospheres

The company, Porcelanosa, has joined the material revolution with the Bianco designs, namely Thassos and Portofino. Ceramic tiles whose veining and speckled surfaces provide a shade touch to all those spaces in which it can be found.

Natural tones, which are trending at the moment, allow for transparent and clean atmospheres to be created, which provide the space with more openness. Above all, in the kitchen and in the bathroom, where worktops, wall tiles and floor tiles form a part of a set. An aesthetic line which is inspired by the collections from Porselanosa.

Polished Bianco: a timeless reading with white

Polished Bianco explores the memory of the surface with its elegant grey veined design spread out in an irregular and abstract way. A perfect piece for the bathroom with the sophisticated, transparent and placid atmosphere which follows. Its white background of bluish tones provides continuity through the soft and diluted strokes. A new reading about what is eternal.

Polished Thassos: harmony in a copper tone

Polished Thassos combines with copper colours and orange, through the diluted and soft veining, which is spread out in a diagonal way. Its pieces, a true representation of peace and quiet, equality and symmetry, are extremely useful for: living-rooms, restaurants, waiting rooms, halls, bathrooms and kitchens.

Polished Portofino: Grey marble geology

As if it were about a geological layer, the Polished Portofino ceramic tile recreates the singularity of marble with its orangey and greyish veining, which appear in a horizontal way. More elongated and distinct than Bianco and Thassos.Portofino is ideal for toilets, kitchens and big living rooms which have incoming light. The reflections that it captures, highlight the streaks and the folding layers of the piece.

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