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Bathrooms with showers vs bathrooms with bathtubs: design your space by balancing elegance with being practical

When designing a bathroom atmosphere and making the most ideal equipment choice, several doubts arise. One of the most common ones is which option to choose, which is either opting for a shower, or leaning towards a bathtub installation.

There are various details that should be considered when making the final choice, some of them are the following: the covering of the user’s needs when enjoying their own bathroom experience; the size of the bathroom and the space available; or the design itself, which changes the bathroom arrangement or the style depending on the option chosen.

Conclusions have already been drawn regarding the advantages of the shower at the expense of the bathtub and vice versa, in such a way that we can get the bathroom which best covers our needs.

PORCELANOSA Group, in this regard, offers high-level design and quality equipment to decorate your bathroom with. These are the designs, both for the installation of a shower and a bathtub, done by firms such as Noken or Systempool.

Bathrooms: innovative designs for unique experiences

One of the advantages of bathtubs is their decorative finishes. This piece of equipment provides the bathroom with sophistication and elegance, and therefore it makes the bathroom become the centre of attention. In addition to this, the contemporary bathroom design leads us to models which have developed towards subtlety and minimalism, offering also excellence and a sense of style.

Following this exclusivity and fineness line, Noken offers its freestanding bathtubs such as the those from the Lounge or Chelsea series. On one hand, Lounge is focused on a purer design with restrained straight lines, both oval and rectangular shaped with rounded edges; whilst on the other hand, Chelsea shows us a more classical and romantic freestanding bathtub design, inspired by the vintage allure of la Belle Époque.

One of the other reasons for going for a bathtub is the possibility offered by the bathtubs to provide a relaxing bath after a long stressful working day. Bathtubs with electronic equipment, whirlpool and hydrotherapy techniques. Models such as Soleil or Minimal allow for enjoying relaxing therapies and soothing massages for aching muscles and joints.

Showers: practicality and a rain of emotions

If there is little space in the bathroom or if it is a compact bathroom, the best installation option is the shower one. In contrast to the bathtubs, showers take up very few metres and the design can be highly reduced in order to achieve a more spacious visual space.

In fact, if one opts for a shower tray at floor level, a great feeling of continuity can be achieved, as well as if the choice is a minimalist frameless shower screen, such as the Attica shower screen by Systempool.

One of the other advantages provided by showers is their adaptability to almost any bathroom space, therefore, the design can be customised a lot more. Actually, PORCELANOSA Group offers a wide range of shower heads through Systempool, such as the Land, Arquitect or Ras series, or the ones manufactured with the KRION® Solid Surface mineral compact,  such as Aro, Sp Concept or Unique. Regarding the shower screens, there is also an extensive catalogue including outstanding collections such as Yove, Vitra, Silke or Neo, among others.

The accessibility for people with reduced mobility is one of the other advantages offered by showers, together with a more responsible water consumption.

If you are after an emotion experience in the bathroom, showers can also ensure a thoroughly experiential space, through the technological shower heads by Noken. Ranging from chromotherapy elements including several water outlets with the possibility of including water jets in the shower cubicle. NK Logic, Giro or Neptune Slim provide a new way of relaxing and strengthening the senses as well as having a unique bathroom experience.

Showers and bathtubs: design an integral experience space

Although it is normally necessary to choose between a shower or a bathtub, ideally, if there is enough space, both choices can be possible: a shower and a bathtub. Modern bathrooms move towards this trend, through being able to go for the experience that suits you better, and even creating a spa like atmosphere in your own home.

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