30 August 2021


Mediterranean bathrooms with Lounge by Noken

The PORCELANOSA Group shares its tips for giving your bathroom a fresh update with neutral tones and natural finishes.

High temperatures and the search for cool spaces to retreat to make Mediterranean style one of the best ways of coping with a heat wave and adding a sense of serenity to your indoor rooms. This is especially true of bathrooms, one of the most intimate - and heavily used - areas of the home, and this interior style has been making more and more of an impact recently.

Neutral colours such as white and beige, accented by blues and greens; marble or wood flooring; hydraulic tiles; ceramic mosaics and gypsum walls; textiles such as linen and cotton; wicker or jute baskets; glass or fired clay vases; natural stone washbasins; round mirrors; other elements characteristic of Mediterranean bathroom style are wrought iron units and accessories with sinuous lines. This can be seen in the Lounge collection, designed exclusively for Noken (PORCELANOSA Group) by architect Simone Micheli.

Calming and refreshing matt tones

Taps, baths, mirrors, shower heads, toilets and compact furnishings in Night blue, and a new Forest finish are all included in the Lounge range. The products stand out for their calm and simple feel: two values key to Mediterranean style in all its variations (Italian, Greek and Spanish). You could also apply a different colour to the outside of your bath, with matt shades, copper, titanium and gold for an ultra-realistic design crafted with Finish Studio's signature technique.

One of the main principles of the style is to leave more space free in a bid to make the most of the natural light - a concept also key to the Lounge collection. Its antibacterial composition, easy-cleaning properties, and resistance against scratches, marks and chemical impacts improve functionality in the bathroom, as well as aesthetics.
The taps in this collection are part of the sustainable WaterForest line, which has a flow limiter, enabling users to save water by up to 89% and conserve this precious resource.

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