February 24, 2022 | Updated: June 8, 2023


Prefabricated solutions by Butech are reinventing the construction sector

The PORCELANOSA Group brand has launched systems for bathrooms, façades and offices to reduce lead times, optimise costs and improve efficiency in construction processes.

The construction industry is experiencing a shift in its own model, with the introduction of new technical systems that improve efficiency and increase profitability in building processes. In this context, PORCELANOSA Group firm Butech has stepped up the implementation of prefabricated solutions with bathrooms, façades and offices, custom made for each project.

This type of model already represents 4.5% of house builds in countries like Sweden, Finland and Norway, but in Spain the figures are much lower. Just 1% of property developments incorporate industrialised structures in production according to data from the Platform for Prefabricated Housing (Plataforma para la Industrialización de Viviendas/PIV).

Butech is on a mission to drive these figures forward and improve the technical performance and energy efficiency of homes, offering customised constructions with PORCELANOSA Group finishes and quality. The PORCELANOSA Offsite programme is founded on these principles. The range of sustainable industrialised solutions includes bathrooms (Monobath), kitchens (Monokitchen), façades (Modfaçades) and outdoor units (Garden Pod) suitable for homes, hotels or large shopping spaces. "Prefabricated systems offer numerous advantages over traditional solutions because they reduce on-site installation and lead times. Plus, because every stage of production is controlled and overseen by the manufacturer, from design through to installation by the professional technical team, we can guarantee maximum quality" states a Butech representative.

Industrialised outdoor units

Designed as mobile outdoor offices, Garden Pods by Butech can be customised with PORCELANOSA's ceramic collections, transforming courtyards, terraces or gardens into innovative work spaces.

Industrialised façades

Butech's industrialised façades (Modfaçades) cut installation and lead times (no scaffolding required) thanks to their innovative, 100% PORCELANOSA Group manufactured design. The structures are placed beam by beam over the façade, with galvanised steel modules which in turn improve thermal insulation and the watertightnesss of the building.

Industrialised bathrooms

Designed for large-scale hotel, healthcare or residential settings and featuring PORCELANOSA Group collections, Butech's prefabricated bathrooms stand out for their innovative composition and premium finishes, which mean each model can be customised according to the customer's needs. And because they're made directly by the manufacturer, they utilise fewer materials and human resources (no need for major works), generating less debris and reducing the impact on the environment.

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