November 7, 2017 | Updated: October 26, 2018


Bathrooms that captivate at first sight with the new Magma furniture by Gamadecor

Elaborate finishes are one of the most current trends in interior design. Uninhibited and warm atmospheres that give a strong identity to space, along with a greater sense of wellness and comfort.

The same thing happens in bathrooms. A room where we recuperate our energy and relieve ourselves of the build-up of everyday tension and fatigue. Therefore, it is essential that this space generates a calm and refreshing atmosphere through designs which project peace and quiet.

The new set of bathroom furniture and the Magma basin by Gamadecor transmits all these sensations, together with a captivating power of allure. An architectural element designed to catch everyone’s eye with lines, shapes and materials of exceptional uniqueness. Impossible combinations whose antithesis turns them into a perfect binomial.

The Magma series brings sophistication and character to the bathroom with a unit made up of an aluminium profile structure with panels and doors in a darkened glass, with interior lighting and a basin made entirely of natural granite. The brown basin textures, drawings and colours blend perfectly with the rigidity of the metal in black.

A mix of materials and colours that achieve in creating modern, practical and high-quality bathrooms, which give the room their deserved importance at home.

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