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Bathroom trends 2019

When redecorating your home (or buying a new one) the layout and design of the bathroom is always a great place to start. With its potential to become a home spa, the bathroom is a sanctuary from the daily grind, a place of indulgence and an essential room of any home. Inspiration for ant bathroom design can in fact set the tone for other rooms. What are the latest trends in bathroom design? Here below we look at some of the most popular bathroom ideas, creative approaches including black, minimalist, Japanese, Moroccan and industrial styles. Why not combine one of more. Now, there’s no excuse for not making the most of your bathroom.


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The black bathroom

Although it may seem counter intuitive within the bathroom, where good lighting is so important, black bathrooms are trending right now. The use of black cladding materials such as mosaic tiling, black ceramic, black veined marble or other pigmented plaster, can be confined to a single wall or the entire room. The contrast between the white sanitary ware such as the bathtub, washbasins and toilets and a neutral black backdrop allows the design of the fittings to really stand out. Black taps are also a way of making a designer statement.


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The minimalist bathroom

The secret to creating minimalist bathroom décor is to simplify the space down to the essentials. It’s about getting rid of clutter, integrating the various bathroom fittings and choosing matching accessories. Adequate storage space is fundamental, so bathroom furniture pieces should have in-built storage. Getting rid of discarded or unused amenities will instantly lend a sense of order, glass storage jars and selective decorative objects are very popular. Layout, materials and lighting are all important. Plants are a great addition and lend an organic quality.


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The ethnic bathroom, the Moroccan hamam for the home

Increased interest in all things related to African design is also influencing bathroom décor. Geometric tiles and North African handicrafts can turn your bathroom into an oasis of calm and a relaxing hamam for recovering from the daily stresses. If there is not enough space for a separate steam room then a generous bathtub, separate shower and oversized fittings that incorporate seating are the basic elements to use.


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How to bring the industrial look to the bathroom

Hard cement surfaces, raw ceramics, visible plumbing pipes and metal lamp fittings are amongst the features of the industrial look bathroom. Wall claddings should be floor to ceiling and fussy details avoided. Antique, over sized sanitary ware can provide an authentic flourish when achieving the industrial bathroom.


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The Zen bathroom, Japanese style

Start with the basics, introducing as much sunlight into the bathroom as possible, an added roof light or clerestory window. Then using natural materials such as wood, stone, ceramics and plants that love the humid environment such as bamboo. Order and clutter free surfaces are essential, anything on view should be ordered and ‘placed’ according to an established criteria. If possible a freestanding bathtub will add the final touch.


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