April 8, 2024


Brightness and spaciousness with the bathroom mirror

The bathroom mirror has gone from being a simple accessory to becoming a key part of the environment.

The bathroom is a unique space in a home, a sanctuary of relaxation and rejuvenation. In this intimate environment, every element counts. In this article we explore the importance of the bathroom mirror, how to choose the right one and how to integrate it.

Beyond their primary function, bathroom mirrors offer great versatility. They have the ability to visually enlarge a small space, increase natural or artificial light and add depth. When choosing a mirror for your bathroom, consider how it can enhance the functionality and aesthetics of the space.

Picat mirror and washbasin, by L’ Antic Colonial.

Factors in choosing a bathroom mirror

When choosing a mirror for your bathroom, there are several factors to consider:

  • Space dimensions. Consider the dimensions of your bathroom and the space available for the mirror. Choose a model that is proportionate. In small bathrooms, a large mirror creates the illusion of spaciousness and light in the room. For larger spaces, smaller mirrors can be an option to add character and style.

  • Decorative style. Choose a mirror that fits in with the overall style of the bathroom and the rest of your home. Think about what type of mirror you want. You may prefer decorative mirrors or one with a classic design.

  • Desired functionality. Think about your daily routine and how you use the mirror. This way, you will know which features are most important to you. Depending on your priorities, choose the one that best suits you. For example, if you want to forget about stains and drops, opt for a mirror with an anti-fogging system.

  • Height. Consider the height of the bathroom mirror. Think about whether children will also use it. Normally, the mirror is placed at eye level, between 160 and 170 centimetres. The person using the mirror should be able to see at least his or her head and upper torso.

Liem oval wall mirror, with solid walnut wood frame, by Noken.

Types of bathroom mirrors

In interior design, mirrors are essential elements that add a touch of character to the room. In this section, we will explore a variety of types of bathroom mirrors, from the conventional to the more innovative. We will also examine how each can influence the aesthetics and functionality of your bathroom.

  • Conventional mirror. This is the standard type of bathroom mirror we are all familiar with. With a wide variety of shapes and sizes, from simple rectangles to more decorative oval or round designs. Conventional mirrors are versatile and fit in well with almost any style of décor.

  • Mirror with light. An excellent option to improve bathroom lighting. These mirrors are equipped with LED lights on the edge, providing a uniform light without shadows. The bathroom mirror with light is ideal for make-up or shaving. In addition, these mirrors add a touch of modern elegance to the space.

  • Mirror with technology. If you like to integrate technology at home, smart mirrors are a good choice. These mirrors are equipped with different functions: integrated Bluetooth speakers or touchless sensor for switching on, among others.

  • Decorative mirror. You also have the opportunity to choose decorative mirrors, which add a unique and distinctive touch to the space. These mirrors include frames, unusual shapes or special details. Thus, they become the perfect complement to the washbasin.

  • Mirror cabinets. They are a smart solution for maximising storage space in the baño. These multifunctional mirrors offer shelves or compartments. This option is ideal for small bathrooms where extra space is needed.

(1 and 2) Semi-circular mirror and Custom round mirror, by Noken. (3) Pure Line Wood mirror, by Noken. (4) Faces decorative mirror, by L’ Antic Colonial. (5) Lite Plus mirror, by Krion.

Effective integration of the mirror in the bathroom

Once you have selected the perfect bathroom mirror, it is important to integrate it effectively into the room. Here are a few ideas:

  • Strategic location. Place the bathroom mirror in an easily accessible location. It is recommended that the location can reflect natural or artificial light to maximise its effect.

  • Complement with accessories. Add accessories such as shelves or light fixtures to complement the style and functionality of the mirror. The finish of the taps, the washbasin and other details, such as plants or candles, will complete the style. You can see the main designs of faucets and aluminium panel. It is important that you choose the right colour and format. On the other hand, consider whether you want it to have a geometric, decorative or effect motif.

Trends in bathroom mirrors

Trends in bathroom mirrors are evolving and adapting to the demands of design and functionality. We tell you which styles are currently predominant in bathroom mirrors.

In addition to the mirror with light and smart mirrors, another emerging trend is customisation (Custom model, by Noken de aluminio). On the other hand, perimeter lighting and backlighting are alternatives that enhance the modernity of the bathroom. Consumers are looking for a bathroom mirror with a unique design that complements the aesthetics of the home.

Round, oval, square, rectangular and even the most avant-garde irregular shapes. In a variety of finishes, designer bathroom mirrors are positioned as a key piece in interior decoration. Therefore, ornamental frames or unusual mirror shapes give mirrors a distinctive touch. In addition, the absence of a frame on the bathroom mirror is typical of modern environments.

In short, bathroom mirror trends are constantly evolving, offering a wide range of options to suit the individual needs and tastes of contemporary homeowners.

(1 and 2) Moon and One mirrors , by Krion. (3) Ciclo mirror , by Gamadecor.

More than a bathroom mirror

The bathroom mirror is a key element in the design and functionality of the space. When you choose the right bathroom mirror and integrate it correctly, you transform the space into an oasis of style and comfort.

In short, there is a wide variety of types and styles of bathroom mirror. With a good bathroom mirror, you improve the appearance and functionality of the atmosphere. At the same time, you create a space that is practical and aesthetically pleasing.

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