November 24, 2021 | Updated: 25 March 2022


Porcelanosa's most inspiring hotel bathrooms

Natural stone washbasins, 3D wall tiles, backlit mirrors and wall-mounted furnishings are the kind of elements that feature in designer hotels.

Bathrooms are taking over, and are now just as prominent (or more so) as bedrooms. Especially in hotels, where customers want to get away from their usual routine and revel in the hotel experience. Many hotels have joined the trend, opting for sensory designs based on warm and neutral tones, natural textures, hardwood furniture, ceramic tiles with relief accents and touchless taps. Let's take a look in the following post.

Floor and wall tiles for hotel bathrooms

Some of the most popular premium collections for hotel bathrooms are Devon Bone and Riviera ceramic wood (PAR-KER®) by PORCELANOSA; large format porcelain tiles inspired by classic marble (Bianco Pulido by PORCELANOSA) or tiles with gold and copper accents (Paonazzo Biondo by XTONE®); Linkfloor vinyl flooring and geometric metallic mosaics by L'ac (Gravity Aluminium Arrow and Gravity Aluminium Hexagon). The timeless look and clean lines of these floor and wall tiles make them the perfect complement to minimalist or vintage furniture, round mirrors and free-standing baths.

Another increasingly-popular option the hotel sector is turning to is the prefabricated bathroom concept. These include, for example, the standout Monobath prefabricated bathroom by Butech. These ultra-safe solutions benefit from shorter lead times, high quality, quick installation and innovative, customised design.

Chic washbasins and furnishings for hotel bathrooms

Wood and stone elements are becoming more widespread in hotel bathrooms. Practicality and simple lines take priority in designs from brands like Gamadecor and Noken from PORCELANOSA. If you're looking for more personality (without going over the top with décor) pieces like Ciclo in alba oak finish, or Edge Roble Bronce by Gamadecor with Round black washbasins from Noken and the brand's Touchless taps will all lend a modern feel to the bathroom.

If you've decided on the all-white look, countertops made in Krion Shell® offset by metal-framed furnishings would make a great choice. The composite contains a minimum of 5% recycled plastic waste, and is resistant against blows and impacts. Plus, it's easy to clean. One and Spirit countertops fit well with Nordic-look bathrooms. Designed in Krion Shell®, they benefit from a hygienic and bacteriostatic composition.

Free-standing baths and infinite showers for hotel bathrooms

Free-standing baths - whether in the room itself or placed in the centre of the bathroom - are another option. Models such as Noken Lounge with the Round washbasin in black, or Samui shower trays from L'ac will give customers the full wellness experience.

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