December 16, 2014 | Updated: October 26, 2018


Bas-relief backlighting by Krion® Snow White

One of the technical qualities by Krion® more appealing to designers and interior designers turns  out to be the backlighting capacity of the new-generation solid surface , created by I+D+i team in the PORCELANOSA Group. It is a feature one can find in various finishing touches of this solid surface, and in the case of Krion® Snow White, it achieves a magnificent results by making use of the bas-relief technique.

The Krion® Snow White sheets only let the light go through from a 4mm thickness and onwards, therefore, and in order to backlight this solid surface  model by PORCELANOSA Group, the solid surface thickness is lowered below that size in the area to be lit. This technique allows for creating reliefs which produce areas in lights and shadows depending on the different thicknesses.

Just as the Krion® Technical Department states: “thanks to the purity of the aluminas, when a milling is carried out keeping a 4mm thickness, the material starts to let the light go through and admits all kinds of designs, which appear in the desired colour as a kind of projection according to the amount of light applied”.

Therefore, in order to produce all kind of designs over the Krion® Snow White Surface in greater detail, from logos to photographs, the drawing is moved to the Krion® plate making use of a very detailed numerical control technology. The machinery that is used is programmed according to the project, by following the map outlined by the image in order to get the reliefs over the solid surface sheets shaped.

The surprising results in this technique can be implemented in the luminous signs, proof of this is the lithophane backlit created by the firm Kubic Design Solutions for the outdoor sign in the Slainte Puerto Banus Irish Pub.

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