July 26, 2023


Barbiecore: the keys to decorating in pink

If there is one colour that permeates every corner in the world of the most famous blonde doll of all time, it's pink. From her iconic dresses to her snazzy convertible, and even her Dreamhouse mansion, everything revolves around shades of pink.

In interior design, this colour resulting from the mixture of red and white can offer different results, with multiple varieties and nuances. While fuchsia pink fills a space with intense energy and vitality, pastel shades such as baby pink are a delicate version that evoke calm and tenderness.

From small brushstrokes or decorative details, to full colour block walls, there are multiple options for incorporating pink into interior design.

Start dreaming in pink and find out how you can reproduce the Barbie universe's aesthetic in your own home with our pinkest proposals.

Nazari Asilah

A world of shades

Pink is one of the most expressive colours, with a wide range of shades. Commonly associated with spring due to its presence in a plethora of floral varieties, it has the ability to add luminosity and stimulate creativity.

The pink spectrum ranges from softer, paler tones to those that are more intense and vibrant. This makes it important to know the main versions of this stylish colour to choose the ones that best reflect your style and personality:

  • Light pink. Also known as pastel pink or baby pink, it has a soft and delicate shade that invokes serenity and tenderness. This tone can be found in the Krion finish® Pillow Pink.
  • Pale pink. Presents a soft, powdery shade that conveys a sense of calm and elegance.
  • Bubblegum pink. Bright and eye-catching shade, similar to the colour of chewing gum.
  • Fuchsia pink. Intense pink full of energy and vitality.
  • Salmon pink. Version with an orange pigment that evokes the softness and warmth of salmon colour.
  • Coral pink. Its orange and red hues combine the softness of pink with the energy of coral.
  • Magenta pink. Dark pink that stands out for its intensity and strength.
  • Lavender pink. With its violet hues, this variety combines the softness of pink with the serenity of lavender.

These are just some of the many shades of pink that are out there. Each of them can have different meanings and emotions associated with it, and their use in fashion, decoration or any other context can convey different feelings and styles.

Nazari Asilah · Photos: @lilibergmann

Barbiecore, or how to make a doll house a reality

Many generations have grown up alongside the popular doll Mattel launched in the late 1950s, and which would go on to become a fashion icon. Over time, the Barbie universe has managed to transcend the world of children to create its own style, not only in fashion, but in decoration. Barbiecore, or Barbie style décor, reproduces the aesthetics of the universe of the most luxurious doll to plunge you into a fantastical dream world.

Below, we reveal some of the decorative keys to recreating the Barbie Dream House so you can feel like Margot Robbie in the Dreamland mansion.


Pink ceramic tiles · Photo: @plan_2000

A pink manifesto in the kitchen

Vintage details combined with bubblegum hues are a safe bet to create a charming and sophisticated space in a kitchen that is befitting of a style and fashion icon.

The reflections of this retro-inspired ceramic tile in the backsplash area, with its light glitter effect, enhance the brightness and add depth to an environment full of vitality.

The choice of dark countertop helps to moderate the colour density of the wall, while decorative details and accessories add character to the general aesthetic.

Skins Patterns Dreamland Rose

Gold touches for absolute sophistication

Powder pink is a soft and delicate shade that evokes a sense of calm and tranquillity. Also known as pastel pink or pale pink, this colour is ideal for creating relaxing and welcoming interiors.

It's a versatile colour that can be used both in children's spaces and in more sophisticated and elegant environments. Combine it with gold to achieve a harmonious composition that will elevate the delicacy and charm that have popularised the use of this shade, both for interior decoration and in the fashion industry.

A bathroom in pink

Flamingo pink floods this space where the real centrepieces are the elements themselves, which seem to be created specifically for the Dreamhouse mansion.

Radiating a vibrant and cheerful aura, from the pink washbasin to the toilet in soft tones, each element adds a touch of freshness. The bathtub becomes the perfect place to relax and pamper yourself in an oasis of tranquillity and harmony. The combination of taps in shades of rose gold or copper adds a touch of glamour and sophistication, turning this room into dream come true for those who want to immerse themselves in the elegance and delicacy of pink.

Breakfast in Dreamland

Decorated with an exquisite combination of powder pink, white and gold, this is the fashion space that the star of the current hit film would choose to share a strawberry shake with her inseparable companion, or for an afternoon of gossiping with friends over some tea and pastries.


The delicate motif of the wallpaper contrasts with the robustness of the armchairs and the golden flooring, while the retro aesthetic permeates the entire space.

Dream la vie en rose

Interior design in pink is a choice that adds a magical and charming touch to any space. Whether in soft, powdery tones to create relaxing and welcoming environments, or in vibrant, bold tones to stand out with elegance, pink has the power to transform any room into a haven of style and sophistication. Dare to add this versatile colour to your décor and find out how pink can highlight the beauty of every corner.

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