August 31, 2020


Returning home with the PORCELANOSA Group collections

The multinational's firms bring together the best tips for maintenance, cleaning and organisation to to get your regular home ready after the summer months. 


For many people, summer has become a time to get away from the big cities and to move to second homes where enjoying peace and quiet and time with the family are paramount. In fact, in the latest report published by the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, it is calculated indicated that in 2019 alone,more than 30,000 Madrid residents bought a home outside their regionIn addition,, close to 25% of addresses that form the residential stock are listedas second homes. Statistics that reflect the importance of opting for quality materials that can withstand the intermittent disruptions in occupancy that these houses experience. 

Now that the the summer season is over, it is time to return home This means cleaning nooks and crannies, textiles and surfaces, checking the appliances work, and opening all the windows to refresh the air. 

PORCELANOSA Group proposes a series of tips to get your regular home ready.

First step: clean floors, walls and surfaces

Although the XTONE pieces require very low maintenance during daily use, Urbatek recommends that these surfaces be thoroughly cleaned to remove accumulated dust and dirt after a long period without use. 

To do this, the firm suggests "vacuuming or sweeping the surface, and then mopping with a cleaning solution, using abio-alcoholor neutral cleaner in the appropriate quantity. Next, it is advisable to use a dry cloth ordrymop without waxy additives (depending on the type of surface). In the case of polished finishes, it is preferable to avoid using oily or coloured waxes and soaps because they could produce a cloudy effect".

On surfaces like Krion, the zero porosity of this compact mineral will have prevented bacteria from accumulating on the the surface during the your absence. However, to ensure that the the worktop is ready to be reused, just wipe a wet cloth with a gentle product over the areaTo do this, use with circular movements.

If there are any stains that are difficult to remove you can use use a blue sponge scourer. It is worth noting that the surface of Krion is resistant to shocks, impacts and scratches so it will not get scratched during cleaning. 

The time to tidy and clean the kitchen

The kitchen is one of the rooms of the home that is often mostdeserted during the summer months and that requires more care from ownerswhen they return.

Making the most of the fridge and pantry being empty, Gamadecor, PORCELANOSA Group's firm specialising in kitchens, recommends removing the dust and disinfecting the drawers, shelves and cabinetsThese are usually occupied by cans and food so now is the time to clean to the new provisions. 

Goodbye to the deterioration of bathrooms

Limescale, abrasive products or rust stains are often the most common enemies of bathroom fittings. For prevent them from appearingeven during long absences, Noken recommends opting for easy maintenance materials and intelligent cleaning:

  • Removing the dust from the whole bathroom before starting to clean with wet clothsIn this sense, the surfaces , and the result will be impeccable.  
  • Throw away all the soaps, creams and make-up products that have been unused for a long time or that may have expired. TheThis sorting will help the bathroom stay much tidier and cleaner.  
  • Find out which material was used to make the bath. Use the appropriate cleaning products (avoiding abrasive products and sponges that are too harsh) and prioritise cleaning with neutral soap and water. This will allow the fittings to be kept in perfect condition. 
  • To avoid accumulation of limescale and minerals, you must finish cleaning the bathroom with a dry, clean cloth. A step that tends to be forgotten and that, without doubt, makes the difference.

The time for change starts in the wardrobe

Why not pospone unpacking for a good cause? We can air out have wardrobes and thus prevent damp, clean out drawers and dust hangers, do laundry and get rid of items we do not use. There is no better way to start the new season than with a change of wardrobe.


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