September 7, 2022


Décor tips for making the most of your loft space

Sloping ceilings, large windows and a cosy ambience: these are the key features of these typically Nordic style spaces

A hidden enclave of the home, tailor-made for creating cosy, enchanting rooms accented by wooden decorative pieces. Natural light and panoramic views through the characteristic windows make this space incredibly welcoming.

Lofts made for daydreaming

You can use the space in various ways, with endless decorative potential. The unique location and structure of lofts are two key factors to think about when styling the room, to ensure you make the most of every inch of space. When you're planning your interior design scheme, these are your two main challenges.

One of the best options is to go for skylight windows to take advantage of the natural light available - essential for a bright and well-ventilated space. And if you're planning a loft kitchen, these two properties are just what you're looking for. You could decorate it with traditional style ceramic tiles such as Parma Leather by L'Antic Colonial. It's a good idea to use white on the walls and ceilings to increase the sense of spaciousness. Combining white with wood-look ceramic tiles such as Oxford Natural by PAR-KER® will elevate the beauty of the room.

Bathrooms beneath the sky

Because they're such an intimate and personal part of the house, they make a great location for your bathroom. To provide a focal point of relaxation, place the bath (Tono Sistema Care, by Noken) beneath a skylight window in the loft roof, so you can gaze at the sunset or take in the starry night sky as you enjoy a sublime bath. Installing an underfloor heating system that uses materials with the right technical characteristics - such as Oxford Natural by PAR-KER® from Porcelanosa - is a practical and simple solution to keep the heat in. Opt for a smart thermostat to regulate the temperature, such as the 10GM model by Butech. And for a touch of minimalism, you could add plants or accessories made in natural fibres - sure to get the ambience just right.

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