January 26, 2016 | Updated: October 26, 2018


Asteroid lifts KRION® Solid Surface up to the top of the 23rd Global Architecture Exhibition

We take a look at the majestic and unexplored sky in order to delight ourselves with one of the novelties proposed by Systempool for this twenty-third edition of the PORCELANOSA Group Global Architecture Group Exhibition: the Asteroid collection from KRION®.

Apart from its optimal characteristics and wide range of properties, both technical and functional, the KRION® Solid Surface latest generation compact mineral goes a step further in the field of design, coming to life for the 23rd edition of the Exhibition, a new sheet format with sumptuous micro particles. The acrylic stone Asteroid series from PORCELANOSA Group is inspired by the universe and its infinite asteroids to integrate, on the basis of its surface, in a series of harmoniously distributed cumulus. Its colours have similar tones to the base colour, which makes a peaceful atmosphere that is not only modern and trendy but original as well.

The final result of this compilation of effects and cumulus over the base of the solid surface is none other than the emulation of a shy feeling of mist reminiscent of the celestial nebulae. Because of its design, versatility, and affinity with modern-day tones, the new KRION® Asteroid collection is a perfect avant-garde solution for every design or architecture professional, being able to be easily integrated into interiors and exteriors, even in combination with other materials or decorative elements.

More formats from the brilliant Royal + Series

In addition to the unprecedented project for the designer who represents the KRION® Asteroid series, Systempool also focuses its novelties on the 23d PORCELANOSA Group Exhibition with the new Solid Surface Royal + Series finishes. Appealing to softness, delicacy and modernity, the Royal + collection includes new finish projects that redefine the concept of design and architecture. Thanks to their metal and transparent particles, the new options given by the KRION® Royal + collection not only provide the design with discrete depth, but also with colourful and dazzling sophistication and elegance.

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