May 20, 2015 | Updated: October 26, 2018


Assuán Brown by Venis, the warmest natural stone porcelain tile

The essence and timelessness of natural stone have led Venis to develop a new collection of porcelain tiles that bring the uniqueness of this material to ceramic, improving its technical performance for flooring and coverings of interior spaces.

Inspired by the appearance of a microcrystalline limestone, the Assuán Brown series by Venis offers a very natural surface finish, thanks to a light detoning which adds slight variations in colour and design between the different pieces. This effect simulates wear on the surface, giving the aspect of a natural stone that has had a moderate use.

The stylised veining of whitish and amber tones give the design of this series of Ston-Ker flooring by Venis an appearance reminiscent of marble surfaces. Furthermore, the colouring of the tiles, with variations within the range of greyish brown to dark brown, gives the pieces of the Assuán Brown series a warm air, contributing to the configuration of very elegant, stately atmospheres.

To all of this, a high level of resistance and limited water absorption must be added, due to the technical characteristics of the porcelain tile by Venis, which allows the configuration of resistant and hard-wearing floorings and coverings, even in wet atmospheres.

The Assuán Brown collection by Venis is offered in a single colour option and with a perfectly calibrated square format of 59.6×59.6cm, which speeds up installation.

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