16 December 2020


Taiwan's leading architects reflect on the future of design with collections by Porcelanosa

In the Porcelanosa showroom, Yuan Shi Xian, Huang, Liao and Zheng discuss the strategic challenges the industry is facing and how important the brand is to new architecture.


Reinventing homes with safer and more multi-disciplinary materials is the main challenge many architects and designers face in the coming years. The Covid-19 pandemic has provoked a deep reflection on the future challenges architecture and society must respond to, with product diversification and the professionalisation of the architecture industry as central themes.

The architects' meeting took place at the Porcelanosa showroom in Taipei (China), with a focus on analysis and sustainable transformation. Attended by some of the country's most renowned professionals such as Yuan Shi Xian, director of Next Design architecture studio, Huang, director of Newrxid Design architecture studio, Liao, director of IQ+Design studio and Zheng, director of Time Hub Space architecture studio.

Expanding architectural vision with Porcelanosa

The four architects discussed their evolving professional careers and their relationship with the Porcelanosa brand from various perspectives. "This showroom offers the latest lifestyle trends in Spain", said Yuan Shi Xian.

According to Huang, director of Newrxid Design and winner of the Taiwan Interior Design TID Award, Porcelanosa's collections have expanded his design vision, with "products synonymous with comfort that have changed how I think about Spanish style" he said.

Liao, Director of IQ+Design, put forward a similar viewpoint. For him, diversification in interior design is particularly important and "Porcelanosa has a wide range of products that meet every need", he remarked.

A large part of the discussion for Zheng was about the connection between the individual and the home. The director of Time Hub Space stressed the need for strengthening the link between design and society through "interaction and connectivity between people and indoor and outdoor living spaces".

For Zheng, this new paradigm is going to break "with inertial thinking, championing trends in European ceramics". These are values he sees as central to the eight PORCELANOSA Group brands.

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