January 28, 2019


L´Antic Colonial reinvents craftsmanship with Sadasi and Field at the 26th Porcelanosa Group International Exhibition

The two new collections from the firm are characterised by their hexagonal and triangular shapes, which combine: ceramic, stone and metal tiles.

With reference to the Mozarabic culture and early western mosaics, these pieces provide sensuality and dynamism to any type of interior space.

L´Antic Colonial has brought back processes from the early handcraft industries for its new collections, namely: Sadasi and Field. Each one of these pieces takes us back to the old stone and ceramic handcraft work with the same fine detail and thoroughness of that old classic.

The exclusivity of those pieces is in their shapes, which bank on simplicity and natural balance. Origin and inspiration from the company. “Taking into account that L’Antic Colonial sells natural products, our improvements can be found in natural stone cuts, and in our extensive quality controls. Our main commitment is to respect the environment, as nature is our main source of inspiration”, explains Rémi Scano, a manager at L’Antic Colonial.

Rémi Scano stresses: “ Our main commitment is to respect the environment, as nature is our main source of inspiration”,

Mudejar ceramic

Based on Mudejar ceramic, the Sadasi collection comes with a hexagonal design with jagged edges which reminds us of those ancient temples and buildings from the 12th century. Its neutral and colourful tones bring back those rich compositions in which lively colours are combined with silky textures with relief . Modern architecture’s first principle.

Stone and metal triangles

The natural stone triangles which make up the Field collection are combined with metal tiles to provide a touch of brightness and subtlety to the space. Multidisciplinary and full of contrasts, its feel brings the smoothness of the natural stone and the coldness of the metal together, allowing for various environments to be created in the same structure. A result achieved by its three mosaics: Black, Cooper and White. Stoney coloured tones which when combined with copper and metal finishes, produce an atmosphere that is both exclusive and one of a kind.


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