September 6, 2016 | Updated: December 26, 2018

Architecture awards

An online sports area among the 9th PORCELANOSA Awards in the Students forward-looking projects

Pablo González-Sabariegos is the person in charge of this project, and it is related to the exciting world of online sports, and as well as this, he achieved a place as a finalist at the 9th PORCELANOSA Group Awards in the Students Forward-Looking Projects category.

His project, E-Sports Bar Zone, is a futuristic concept store that combines virtual reality experiences through online competitions, together with a restaurant.

The material chosen for this minimalist space, based on cutting-edge technology, is none other than the next-generation KRION® Solid Surface compact mineral, which acts as the major configuring element of the project. The perfect product for a project of this kind not only because of its purity and naturalness through KRION® 1100 Snow White, but also because of the big design possibilities which it offers, being capable of thermocurving, backlighting, as well as adapting to any space.

Pablo Gonzalez-Sabariegos, an Info Architecture Master’s student from CICE, created a concept store dedicated to E-Sports on two floors, taking advantage of the boom in online sports competitions today: the Gamerzone and the BarZone. Although separate, both areas are joined visually and from a spatial point of view by a large central oculus around which the whole project revolves.

The setting for the development of the online game, or Gamerzone, located on the ground floor, is the main area. It can be seen from any part of the project, both live and through projection screens. On the same floor there is also the projection games area, as well as two practice areas and multi-use furniture, made with the acrylic stone for both the items and sales exhibition areas.

On the second floor there is the BarZone, which brings together the restaurant area and a central counter from which one can also watch a live game in the main part. As well as this, this area also includes an open kitchen and bathrooms.

The minimal E-Sports Bar Zone design is based on a delicate game of neutral colours: black and white. The goal: to give entire chromatic relevance to the participating teams’ electronic accessories, the eSports gamers.

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