September 14, 2017 | Updated: October 26, 2018


Airslate: the innovation of the natural stone

The PORCELANOSA Group banks on offering innovative solutions and new cutting-edge materials which are able to meet the demands of any architecture project, coming from long-lasting designs with quality being the hallmark.

Done by L’Antic Colonial, the specialised firm from the Group, the natural materials are present in many of these innovations. The latest one is Airslate. A natural stone sheet which is highly flexible and adaptable to any type of wall covering and which is impresses because of its resistance and malleability despite its lightness in weight. Its technical features make it become one of the most versatile types of stone materials in the market, since it can be used on any surface.

This natural slate stone is worked as a fine slab. The sheets consist of four different layers, one of them is covered with fibreglass which provides the product with the final structure and reinforcement. Hence, thanks to the combination between slate and fibreglass, an exclusive innovative application in curvature which revolutionizes the concept of coverings is achieved.

With a bending radius of up to 35cm

The flexibility and adaptability are their greatest features. The Airslate natural stone sheets have a bending capacity in a radius of up to 35 cm. Their malleability allows for this slate to be installed on different surfaces, even when the areas are curved or show a type of irregularity.

Regarding the thickness of the slabs, they range from 2mm to 4mm, therefore, we are dealing with a very light material in weight and one that is easy to move. Bearing in mind its easy handling, Airslate becomes the ideal choice for wide covering areas such as façades or communal areas which are combined with other textures or do not have an even surface.

Airslate is available in two formats, 240x120cm and 120x60cm, and in different textures and tones, such as: Bombay, Delhi, Kathmandu, Forest, Kashmir, Metal, Graphite and Patna. All of them in a natural finish which allows for creating unique and elegant designs which suit any interior design style.

By being technically superior, long-lasting and stunning, Airslate provides every architecture project with the necessary timelessness and character to become quite unique.

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